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Dark Fleet

The Secret Nazi Space Program and the Battle for the Solar System

Read by Andy Rick
Published by Inner Traditions Audio
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Reveals the Nazi-Reptilian infiltration of the U.S. government, their secret space program, and their slave colonies throughout the solar system

• Details “Operation Paperclip,” which enabled Nazis and their Reptilian partners to infiltrate the U.S. military-industrial complex, including NASA and the CIA

• Reveals their interstellar space ports in Antarctica and on Mars, their base on the Moon, and their alien technologies, including nano-technology, antigravity propulsion, mass mind control, and hyperdimensional teleportation capabilities

• Shares testimonies from American and British “supersoldiers” who participated in the “20 and Back” age-regression programs, revealing advanced human technology and our Space Armada that constitutes a counter-balance to the Nazi Dark Fleet

The Nazis did not really lose World War II. They made it appear that way in order to divert attention from the alliance between the Fourth Reich and the race of aliens known as the Reptilians--an ancient galactic civilization obsessed with conquest and domination. After the German surrender in 1945, the Nazi-Reptilian alliance infiltrated the U.S. military-industrial complex. Through “Operation Paperclip,” the Nazis and Reptilians removed their political opponents, such as the Kennedys, and moved into policy-making positions in post-war America, infiltrating aerospace companies, banking, media, and the U.S. government, including NASA and the CIA. But their real target was not the United States--it was the solar system.

As Len Kasten reveals in startling detail--including revelations of antigravity propulsion technology, alien techniques of mass mind control, and hyperdimensional teleportation capabilities--the Nazi-Reptilian alliance used their newfound power, wealth, and influence to launch a Secret Space Program with interstellar spaceports in Antarctica and on Mars as well as an eleven-story base of operations on the Moon. They commenced mining and manufacturing operations on Mars and Ceres, forming colonies there and elsewhere in the solar system. And, most shocking, they have used thousands of human slaves, easily transported in their spaceships, for both work and sexual exploitation.

Sharing testimonies from American and British “supersoldiers” who participated in the “20 and Back” age-regression programs, Kasten reveals the various forces inside and outside government that are resisting the Nazis and thwarting Reptilian attempts to achieve total dominance of the planet and the solar system. The U.S.-led Secret Space Program has its own fleet of spaceships, the Solar Warden Space Armada, which patrols the edges of the solar system and poses a growing threat to the Nazi Dark Fleet.


Chapter 8. Nazis on the Moon and Mars
Neu Berlin: A City under Ice

By mid-1943, as the tide of war changed, the Allies noticed increased submarine traffic in the South Atlantic. At that point, the Neuschwabenland development project in Antarctica was taken out of the control of Hermann Göring and turned over to Heinrich Himmler. Therefore, it now became an S.S. operation. Göring’s reputation had plummeted after he lost the Battle of Britain, and the British fighters and bombers were now wreaking major damage. Also the British army was back in the fight after the miraculous rescue at Dunkirk. So the renewed attention to Neuschwabenland probably reflected the new wartime reality. Himmler now focused on making Neuschwabenland a racially pure Aryan colony. He selected ten thousand young Ukranian women, all blonde and blue-eyed, and 2,500 battle-hardened Waffen S.S.soldiers to breed the new race to become the foundation of the Fourth Reich under the ice in the now burgeoning city of Neu Berlin.

The build-up of Neuschwabenland was massive. After the war, the Allies were able to determine that fifty-four U-Boats were missing from the German fleet. Also, they estimated that between 142,000 and 250,000 people were unaccounted for, including the so-called “Lost Battalion” and the entire S.S. Technical Branch, which was under the direction of Himmler. This was the group responsible for the development and manufacture of the antigravity discs. Also missing were 6,000 scientists and technicians and tens of thousands of slave laborers. Clearly, they all ended up in Antarctica. This explains how the Nazis were able to defeat Admiral Byrd’s armada in Operation Highjump in 1946. It has been estimated that the current population of Neu Berlin is two million.

Himmler’s Antarctic Space Port

Heinrich Himmler was a rabid believer in occultism, and in his sinister SS castle in Wewelsburg he conducted séances to contact the demons in the astral realm, who we now know were really Reptilians. So it was probably through Himmler that contact and coordination with the Reptilians continued. Since we know that the Reptilians had an ancient colony in Antarctica, it is reasonable to conclude that they convinced Himmler to become involved in the Neuschwabenland project after Göering’s status declined. But more importantly, Himmler was made to understand that winning the war was no longer the long-term Nazi objective. It was the post-war that mattered, and the future of the Nazi party was no longer confined to Earth. It was now in the solar system, and beyond. It is not clear how the Reptilians were able to expand Himmler’s horizons, but we do know that he eagerly adopted his new role as galactic leader of the Nazi party and the coordinator of the transformation of Antarctica into a space port.

Apparently, the Reptilians liked the idea of a ruthless, amoral human contingent doing all their earthly dirty work for them, especially humans who enjoyed enslaving and abusing large 4 masses and using them for genetic experimentation. As we have learned in previous chapters, the Nazis fulfilled that role perfectly. Also, they acted as cold-blooded intermediaries in obtaining human flesh and blood for the cannibalistic Reptilians. It was a marriage made in Hell. And so, this cosmic partnership was forged, and these soulless humans got to continue their jack-booted Nazi authority off the earth, as long as their Reptilian overlords found them useful.

Operation Tabarin

In late 1945, after the conclusion of the war, in what became known as Operation Tabarin, British Commandos from the secret Maudheim Base in Antarctica discovered the entrance to the tunnel leading to the Nazi base under the Antarctic ice shelf in Queen Maud Land. According to an article in the August 2005 issue of Nexus Magazine, by British historian James Roberts, the soldiers followed the tunnel for miles and eventually came to a “vast underground cavern that was abnormally warm; some of the scientists believed that it was warmed geothermally. In the huge cavern were underground lakes; however, the mystery deepened as the cavern was lit artificially. . . . The Nazis had constructed a huge base into the caverns and had even built docks for U-boats, and one was identified supposedly. Still, the deeper they traveled, the more strange visions they were greeted with. They ultimately discovered “hangars for strange planes and excavations galore.” Only one Commando survived that operation. He told his story to a new team, which became Operation Tabarin II, in October 1945. They were more successful, blowing up the entrance to the tunnel. One surviving team member from that heroic group said, “As we looked over the entire cavern network, we were overwhelmed by the number of personnel scurrying about like ants, but what was impressive were the huge constructions that were being built. From what we were witnessing, the Nazis, it appeared, had been on Antarctica a long time.”

About The Author

Len Kasten is a UFO researcher and freelance writer. He intensively studied the Edgar Cayce Readings at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach and has been a lifelong devotee of astrology and theosophy. He is a former member of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and he is the president of the American Philosopher Society. He has been a feature writer, with more than 50 published articles, for Atlantis Rising magazine. He lives in Arizona.

About The Reader

Product Details

  • Publisher: Inner Traditions Audio (March 10, 2020)
  • Runtime: 7 hours and 42 minutes
  • ISBN13: 9781644112106

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Raves and Reviews

Dark Fleet’s multidimensional approach to the history of our solar system is comprehensive and utterly convincing. Len Kasten, a great galactic storyteller, screams that we are not alone in the universe! With eyes wide open, we behold the other species that inhabit and influence Earth in this brilliant tour de force. We see how the Archons and Reptilians have manipulated and mind-controlled our species, yet as our minds clear and souls awaken, their power is being reduced. Kasten’s highly advanced compilation of ET influence on Earth tells me we are ready to be keepers of Earth, our chosen destiny in this solar system. Dark Fleet exposes the truth about the Nazi-Reptilian alliance and is a must-read for anyone who wants to deprogram fourth-dimensional mind control.”

– Barbara Hand Clow, author of The Pleiadian Agenda and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

“Dark Fleet is a penetrating analysis of how German politics and culture have been historically manipulated by nonhuman entities intent on social engineering a master race that could both enslave humanity and become suitable partners for Reptilian extraterrestrials intent on galactic conquest. Dark Fleet is deeply disturbing and essential reading.”

– Michael Salla, Ph.D., founder of the Exopolitics Institute and author of US Air Force Secret Space P

“In 1959, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, the first head of Project Blue Book, wrote, ‘When WWII ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and guided missiles under development. The majority were in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft that could even approach the performance of objects reported by UFO observers.’ Len Kasten has taken this information a radical step forward with his concept that a race of Reptilians has infiltrated the military-industrial complex. In that case we could be doomed!”

– Timothy Green Beckley, cohost of KCOR Radio’s Exploring the Bizarre and author of Area 51–War

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