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Confessions of a Rebel Angel

The Wisdom of the Watchers and the Destiny of Planet Earth

Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A rebel angel’s observations from her half-million years on Earth and her perspective on the spiritual journey of her human charge

• Explains the hidden motivations behind Lucifer’s angelic rebellion 203,000 years ago and watcher Georgia’s participation in it

• Explores the benevolent intentions of the Multiverse both in quarantining our planet to contain the rebellion and in now allowing our return

• Describes how the coming spiritual transition will be gentle and our future positive

More than two hundred millennia ago the high angel Lucifer launched a revolution among the angelic hierarchy, which led to the quarantine of 37 planets, including our own, from the rest of the Multiverse. Now, after eons of isolation, the rebel angels are being redeemed and we are being welcomed back into the benevolent and caring Multiverse with a massive transformation of consciousness and a reconnection to our celestial destiny.

Writing through Timothy Wyllie, rebel angel Georgia describes her half a million years stationed on Earth as a watcher. Arriving 500,000 years ago as part of the first angelic expedition to Earth--sent here to prepare the indigenous inhabitants for higher consciousness--she details the archaic roots of humanity and explains the connections between the 7 dimensions of intelligent life and the chakras as well as how beauty and creativity are vehicles for angelic inspiration. Interweaving her story with parallel observations of Wyllie’s youth in World War II England and his spiritual journey beginning with the Process Church, Georgia explains the motivations behind Lucifer’s uprising and the lasting impact it has had among the angels on Earth and on humanity’s natural spiritual development.

Revealing that there are more than 90 million rebel angels currently incarnated on Earth--almost all of whom are unaware of their previous celestial lives--Georgia explains how this is their opportunity to personally redeem the past and contribute their particular talents to the world. She calls on all of us, especially these incarnate angels, to wake up to who we truly are and embrace our spiritual heritage as earthly vessels for God’s presence. In this way we can prepare for the imminent transformation of global consciousness and embrace the astonishing and wondrous destiny facing our world.


Chapter 3
Revolution among Angels
Human Origins, Independence of Mind, Fifth-Dimensional Bodies, the Prince’s Arrival, and Sexual Awakenings

It has often been discussed between watchers as to whether mortal beings would be much advantaged by knowing how active we are in their lives. We have observed that even in those belief systems that include angels in their cosmologies, there are very few among them who actually regard us as real, living beings. In systems like the Kabbalah that do acknowledge us as physical beings--albeit living in a different dimension or on a different material plane--the only people permitted by religious law to make close contact with us had to be mature men with a full experience of life.

There is good reason for this. It is not for us to live your lives for you. Yes, we guide you gently toward those people and experiences that further your spiritual awakening, but we can only serve and support the choices you make in your lives. Unless specifically instructed, we can never interfere with your choices. If a person continues to make poor choices, for example, we simply step back and allow the consequences of those decisions to play themselves out in that person’s life.

Angels take your freedom to choose the quality of your lives on a moment-by-moment basis very seriously indeed. Also, knowing that many humans, for a variety of reasons, choose to learn their spiritual lessons from personal tragedy and the catastrophic events they invite into their lives allows us to take the longer view. We know everything ultimately works out for the best, given time and patience. What we don’t know is how this is going to happen.

This might sound lacking in compassion to some. After all, if we are so marvelously farseeing, why can’t we steer people away from the disasters that ruin their lives? Although under extraordinary circumstances we’ve been known to do so, the truth is that only those who are sensitive to our whispers and who trust their intuition are likely to pay any attention. And that, too, is as it’s meant to be.

The reader might want to ponder that the World Trade Center had only a quarter of the overall number of people who might have been anticipated to be in their offices on that fateful day in 2001. The author of this book, Mein Host, personally knew four different people whose offices were in the towers but, for one reason or another, found themselves delayed on that September 11th day. His friend Genesis P-Orridge, the English performance artist, for example, told him that he and his wife chose to stay in bed and make love rather than go as planned to the gym in one of the towers that morning.

Part of the confusion existing within the human mind regarding the reality of angels finds its roots in the seeming chaos and dangers of modern life. We understand how challenging it must be to maintain your faith in the goodness of the Creator when you appear to be surrounded by injustice, violence, and cruelty. But this is to misunderstand the nature of free choice. What you see in the world around you are the consequences of generations of poor choices. As you’ve probably observed from your own lives, poor choices often have a way of yielding to even poorer choices as you struggle to bring yourselves back into balance after a serious misjudgment.

The errors and sins of one generation invariably impact the next and then are frequently compounded by ensuing generations. Considering that there have been more than ten thousand generations of humanity since the time of the angelic rebellion and the quarantine of the planet, it’s not altogether surprising that your world is such a difficult and troubled one.

Yet, as chaotic as it might appear to human eyes, there is an underlying order to even the darkest of worlds. The angels who are the Most Highs make use of every opportunity to build on the true, the good, and the beautiful, and some even say they enjoy the challenges posed by angelic rebellions with perhaps a little too much relish.

Since the planetary quarantine has been in effect, the secure knowledge that you live in a benign, inhabited Multiverse, teeming with life on the inner and outer worlds, has been withheld from you. This knowledge is part of your mortal heritage. Yes, you have seen glimpses. Teachers have emerged throughout the course of history who spoke about other levels of reality. Shamans the world over have shown a working ability to travel in these subtle realms. Yet this is very different from an everyday awareness that there is always a wise brother or sister to whom you can turn; a visitor from another world with a viewpoint wider than yours; governments you can trust to reflect the highest aspirations of your species; and personal companion angels with whom to consult in challenging moral dilemmas. This is how life is on the multitude of planets not touched by rebellion.

In some ways, these worlds appear to be utopian, free of war, injustice, and pestilence, and yet even the most rigidly conservative of administrative angels would have to admit that the very lack of challenges on these worlds can impede the spiritual and moral development of its mortal inhabitants.

I’ve come to believe the decision to isolate this entire system of planets, when only thirty-seven of them followed Lucifer into rebellion, speaks exactly to this point. Although few would have known, or admitted to it at the time, what appeared to many of us as an unjust punishment occurred for a constructive reason. It allowed for a wider sphere of experimentation. And make no mistake, this is a massive experiment. It’s now generally known among us that this phase of the development of intelligent life in the Multiverse will soon be drawing to a close.

About The Author

Timothy Wyllie (1940-2017) was born in Great Britain and raised in London. Having wended his way through an English public school education and then seven years further study at college, he qualified as an architect. In the late 70s, Timothy began a systematic exploration of out-of-body states. This led to experiments in telepathic communication with dolphins and an open invitation to contact with nonphysical beings that continues to this day. During this time, he was also running his own business in New York City, marketing a system he had co-devised for storing and filing color photographs. He retired from the business community in 1981 and turned full time to his creative endeavors. As a musician, Timothy made several tapes of what he called "Bozon Music"--a True Age improvisational jazz, shamanic music of the heart--as well as a series of guided visualization and meditation tapes. Also an artist, he worked on a virtually endless progression of drawings of sacred landscape. It was what brought him most joy. Timothy traveled frequently to give lectures and seminars or to investigate sites and locations for his drawings. He is the author of Ask Your Angels: A Practical Guide to Working with the Messengers of Heaven to Empower and Enrich Your Life, Dolphins, ETs & Angels, the Rebel Angels series of books featured below, and a co-author of Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences: Angels, Aliens, Dolphins & Shamans.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bear & Company (September 28, 2012)
  • Length: 488 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781591438014

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Raves and Reviews

Confessions of a Rebel Angel is Timothy Wyllie’s Magnum Opus. This saga is brilliant, arresting, and fulfilling, a true story of the esoteric secrets that fester in the human heart that are now awakening the human spirit. Georgia, a juicy and witty Rebel Angel, comes to us through Wyllie’s engrossing and engaging prose—a totally balanced story of humankind’s evolution and struggles with the forces of the dark and the light. If you want the real truth about the Fallen Angels, read this book!”

– Barbara Hand Clow, author of Awakening the Planetary Mind: Beyond the Trauma of the Past to a New Er

“Timothy Wyllie’s books have come to be recognized as the foremost spiritual autobiographies of the age. In this latest installment Timothy steps aside to allow a companion angel to rejig the narrative from her viewpoint. Fulfilling Geoffrey Hodson’s century-old prediction of The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, this book unveils the portal through which that brotherhood can emerge, and does so with style, humor and grace.”

– Gordon Phinn, author of An American in Heaven and Eternal Life and How to Enjoy It

“Georgia’s [the rebel angel] story intertwines with the experiences of the author, paralleling observations within both worlds. When the deeper threads of life are understood in a different light, they take on a new level of importance. Here, we travel through both, with an emphasis on evidentiary thinking, where nothing is dismissed as irrational or impossible.”

– Awareness Magazine, December 2012

“I recommend this book to all who are interested in the history of our origins, not from what we are fed at school, but from a spiritual perspective...Take it as fact or take it as fiction, this is a riveting read in every way. I am looking forward keenly to further volumes in this series.”

– Jennifer Hoskins, New Dawn, March 2013

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