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Awakening of the Watchers

The Secret Mission of the Rebel Angels in the Forbidden Quadrant

Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

Writing together with Timothy Wyllie, the angel Georgia details the events of Earth’s ancient history from 16,500 BC to 8,000 BC

• Chronicles the disappearance of Lemuria, the rise of Atlantean technology and piracy, and the first wave of rebel angels incarnating as Atlantean slaves

• Explains the 3 eras of Atlantis and how the island was finally destroyed in 1198 BC

• Interwoven throughout with observations about Timothy Wyllie’s current and previous lives, such as his years of involvement with the Process Church

After 200 millennia of celestial quarantine in the wake of Lucifer’s angelic revolt, Earth and the rebel angels isolated here are being welcomed back into the benevolent and caring Multiverse. Writing together with Timothy Wyllie, Georgia--a rebel angel who took on the role of Watcher after the rebellion--provides her personal account of Earth from 16,500 BC to 8,000 BC, a period that encompasses the first two eras of Atlantis.

Georgia shares her experiences being present for the final disappearance of Lemuria and the loss of their spiritual system. She describes advanced Lemurian technology that was designed for the betterment of the Earth and its people, and was then lost, and the aggressive piracy of the Atlanteans, who preyed on the Lemurian survivors. Detailing the three eras of Atlantis and how the island’s final destruction was in 1198 BC, she explains the rise of Atlantis as a technological power. She reveals the quarrels between the Pleiadians and the Sirians during this period and explores the myths of the Anunnaki, reputed to have arrived on Earth to mine for gold. Georgia interweaves her story with observations about Timothy Wyllie’s current and previous lives, focusing here on his involvement with the Process Church as well as his experiences with bizarrely orchestrated orgies, psychometrics, and psychedelic culture in Europe in the 1970s.

Georgia shares her words, in part, to awaken some of the more than 100 million rebel angels currently living their human lives, most unaware of their angelic heritage and struggling with their sense of being different. She reveals how a mortal incarnation for a rebel angel is an opportunity to redeem the past and help prepare the way for the transformation of global consciousness now beginning as the rebel-held planets, including Earth, are being welcomed back into the Multiverse.


Chapter 6

Higher Frequencies

Pleiadean and Sirian Conflict, the DAL Universe, an Unlikely Messiah, Atlantis and Third-Density Planets, Correct Action

I had a flash that this very dolphin--the one I’ll know as Mein Host after many incarnations to come--had himself spent a number of lifetimes among the Nommo, on a watery world in the Sirian star cluster. He was showing me images of the deep interplanetary connection between this world’s sun and the stars in the Sirian system. The Nommo, it seems, believe the sun is the fourth star in their cluster, because at a little over eight-and-a-half light-years distance, the Nommo were able to travel here in their physical vehicles.

There had long been a complex and troubled relationship between the Sirians and those from the far larger constellation of the more advanced worlds in the Pleiadean cluster of planets. Many of those worlds within the over two hundred and fifty inhabited planets of the Pleiadean federation were extremely advanced, although most were still dependent on some form of vehicular transport on their interplanetary journeys. However, I knew the Pleiadeans were generally believed to be well beyond the technological stage of the Sirians, who were still at an early phase in their space-faring career.

My dolphin communicant seemed to want to digress for a moment to show me what he knew about the Pleiadeans. At first I thought it might simply be Sirian propaganda, since I’d already noted what a distorted view they had of the Pleiadean evacuation program on Lemuria. I previously believed the Pleiadeans’ only intervention was when their arks had come to the rescue, but my dolphin was showing me something else.

Apparently, the Pleiadeans have had a far longer association with Lemuria than was generally known. Perhaps it was more Sirian propaganda, but my dolphin was convinced it was the Pleiadean Lemurian evacuation that first breached the most basic of interplanetary protocols that dictated an absolute noninterference with less advanced worlds unless specifically required by the Multiverse Administration.

The dolphin showed me that the Pleiadeans had opened a forbidden door.

Not only had they appeared to have broken the general noninterference agreement, but they’d intervened on a planet that had been under a strict quarantine since the Lucifer Rebellion. And because the Pleiadeans were known to be among those races that were dedicated to serving others, a few other more expedient space-faring races took it as open season on planet Earth--so long as their activities remained unnoticed. There was some illicit gold-mining in South Africa by a race creating a gold-dust orbital screen for their world. In the jungles of the Amazon, a race from Itibi-Ra II discovered a fruit that on transporting it back to their world had become a gourmet delicacy. Other races sneaked into the biosphere to refuel their ships by sucking up seawater; there were even a few bases constructed underwater and used as waystations by these races for their intergalactic tours.

These sort of minor infractions seemed to be overlooked by MA’s local agencies because they didn’t directly make any impact on the human evolutionary process. But even I could tell it was a slippery slope.

My dolphin was showing me that a small group of Sirian Nommo, regarded by the Council as a rogue faction, had taken advantage of the Atlantean ruling classes’ power-lust and greed. They started by stirring up the simmering internecine strife between the Atlantean clans, and then later, they had manipulated the conflicts to achieve the promotion of a single, all-powerful godking.

This had been the situation as I found it when I had arrived recently on Atlantis and which had, by all accounts, been continuing for over a century and a half. I hadn’t been aware on my previous visits to Atlantis that the Sirians were the gray eminence behind the godking’s cruel and repressive measures.

Thus it was when the island nation was crystallizing into a single monolithic police state that life for the average Atlantean was judged to be intolerable by the Seraphic Overgovernment. Everyday life for most of them had become dominated by the terror of an immediate brutal reprisal for minor crimes and offenses so arbitrary they were constantly being changed. As a result, nobody knew what the laws were from day to day. Spies were everywhere; people, innocent and otherwise, had been disappearing overnight; any opposition was mercilessly suppressed by public execution and arbitrary reprisal killings; no one could leave the island; in fact, it had all the techniques and trappings of a modern tyrant on steroids.

If I was accurately interpreting the visual gestalts, it had been at this point the Sirian High Council acquiesced to sending a few well-prepared rebel angels to incarnate within dolphin vehicles. It was a strategy they believed would outflank the intentions of the rogue Sirians; a way of extracting the noble and the innocent before the inevitable disaster.

The images suddenly switched, and in those moments I caught a glimpse of a far larger picture at work. Regardless of having previously referred to this world and the other thirty-six rebellious planets as “kindergarten for upwardly mobile souls,” I have to admit now that until I was permitted the following insight, these were just empty words. It wasn’t the kindergarten reference--I’d always known that third-density worlds were schools for mortals--it was the caring that I was now witnessing. It was the essential benevolence of Multiverse Authorities I’d been missing. I saw in those moments that however corrupt and wicked a human society becomes, there will always be some innocent souls who will be led to safety. If their social environment becomes completely untenable for their required spiritual lessons, older brothers and sisters will step in.

This was clearly what the Pleiadeans were doing with their massive evacuation arks. However, in lifting off so many of the Lemurians prior to the destruction of their islands, the Pleiadeans were now being accused of overplaying their hand.

About The Author

Timothy Wyllie (1940-2017) was born in Great Britain and raised in London. Having wended his way through an English public school education and then seven years further study at college, he qualified as an architect. In the late 70s, Timothy began a systematic exploration of out-of-body states. This led to experiments in telepathic communication with dolphins and an open invitation to contact with nonphysical beings that continues to this day. During this time, he was also running his own business in New York City, marketing a system he had co-devised for storing and filing color photographs. He retired from the business community in 1981 and turned full time to his creative endeavors. As a musician, Timothy made several tapes of what he called "Bozon Music"--a True Age improvisational jazz, shamanic music of the heart--as well as a series of guided visualization and meditation tapes. Also an artist, he worked on a virtually endless progression of drawings of sacred landscape. It was what brought him most joy. Timothy traveled frequently to give lectures and seminars or to investigate sites and locations for his drawings. He is the author of Ask Your Angels: A Practical Guide to Working with the Messengers of Heaven to Empower and Enrich Your Life, Dolphins, ETs & Angels, the Rebel Angels series of books featured below, and a co-author of Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences: Angels, Aliens, Dolphins & Shamans.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bear & Company (March 6, 2016)
  • Length: 360 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781591432517

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Raves and Reviews

Awakening of the Watchers is the latest masterpiece by the always inspiring Timothy Wyllie. This book expands you and compels the reader to go deeper into the mystery that is all around and within us. A captivating read that is hard to put down.”

– Paul Samuel Dolman, author of Hitchhiking with Larry David: An Accidental Tourist’s Summer of

“Timothy Wyllie’s Awakening of the Watchers is a memoir of the dimensional ecology of the Lucifer Rebellion and the Process Church that creates a living dialogue between the New Earth density and we the reader--the individual soul--a bottom line in any Universe.”

– Alfred Lambremont Webre, author of The Omniverse: Transdimensional Intelligence, Time Travel, the Af

“There are numerous insights in this series and Awakening of the Watchers is no exception. I recommend this series…”

– New Dawn, Jennifer Hoskins, May 2016

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