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Illegal Motion

Defending the star wide receiver of the Arkansas Razorbacks against accusations of rape, Gideon Page must balance the politics and drama of a university case while facing his own fears and prejudices in this thought-provoking and suspenseful addition to the Gideon Page mystery series.

When small-time lawyer Gideon Page agrees to defend Dade Cunningham against charges of rape, he is not immediately aware of what case he’s taken on. Dade, a star wide receiver for the University of Arkansas who is poor and Black, is facing accusations from a pretty young girl that is wealthy and white.

Suddenly, Gideon is at the center of a racially and sexually charged case that earns him enemies both on campus and off.

Before he even makes it to trial, Gideon has to dodge the media, the wrath of feminists, contending with naked bigotry and university politics, dealing with the divided loyalties of his own family, and facing long hidden secrets from the past that will put the community’s trust and his own conscience on trial.

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