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Expert Testimony

In the first novel of the Gideon Page Mystery series, readers are introduced to public defender Gideon Page as he is pulled on the case to defend a psychiatric patient accused of murdering of a prominent state senator.

Social worker turned public defender Gideon Page is looking loss in the eyes as he takes on the case of Perry Sarver, a mentally unstable man accused of killing one of the most prominent Arkansas state politicians, Hart Anderson.

When it is revealed that Perry’s psychiatrist is none other than Anderson’s wife, Carolyn, it is up to Page to dig deep into the history of Perry’s life in order to uncover the motives that could have led to Hart’s killing.

While Page seeks evidence defending him, Carolyn struggles to help Perry sort his personal life, including raising a daughter, as she struggles with the possibly that the loss of her husband could be on her patient’s hand.

“In addition to a puzzling murder, Expert Testimony offers readers an inside view of how a legal case is developed in this day of public defenders and crowded courts.” – Dee Brown, author of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

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