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Probable Cause

The reluctant hero of Expert Testimony returns as Gideon Page takes on the case of a psychologist accused of manslaughter, suddenly finding himself immersed in a case that goes deeper than he could have imagined.

When Gideon Page is fired from his law firm, he doesn’t know that the worst is yet to come. In an effort to move on from the pain of losing his job, Gideon makes the choice to defend Dr. Andrew Chapman, a psychologist accused of manslaughter.

Suddenly, Gideon finds himself on a treacherous path leading to financial scandal, white supremacists, and, ultimately, the explosive racial tensions of Blackwell County, Arkansas. Forced to represent the clients that no one else will so he can make ends meet, Gideon spends his days jousting with judges, prosecutors, and clients as he faces the most complex case of his career in Probable Cause.

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