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Blind Judgment

A Gideon Page Novel

From the author of Illegal Motion comes another thrilling and suspenseful story of Gideon Page as he returns home to defend a man accused of a contract killing, only to discover the killer had been hired by the man who once destroyed Gideon’s own family.

Haunted by the past, Gideon Page, a former social worker turned lawyer, is offered a shot of redemption and revenge when he is hired onto a case of murder in his hometown of Bear Creek in the Arkansas Delta.

When a Black man is accused of killing Willie Ting, his Chinese-American employer, it becomes apparent that the killing is assumed to be under the orders of a wealthy white man whose offer to buy Ting’s meat-packing plant was refused.

Realizing too late that the man who contracted the killing is the same one responsible for his father’s suicide, Gideon finds himself caught between his professional instincts and his personal desires as he takes on a case that is more complicated and dangerous than he ever imagined.

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