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Planetary Healing

Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation

Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Shamanic practices for making a difference in the world

• Offers shamanic tools for solving the challenges we face as a global community

• Provides healing practices and initiatory journeys to address pollution-based diseases, natural and man-made disasters, and environmental degradation

• Explores time, physics, and other dimensions to explain how to repair and evolve DNA and see into the future in order to change it

In Planetary Healing, shamanic healer Nicki Scully and visionary Mark Hallert reveal how to move beyond feeling helpless and overwhelmed by global crises so we can make a difference in the world through active participation in healing ourselves, our families, our communities, and the planet. A natural follow-up to Scully’s Alchemical Healing, this book serves as a guide to navigate the coming global transformation and help co-create a new Golden Age.

Sharing compelling accounts of shamanic responses to such epic disasters as Chernobyl, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010 as well as tales of personal healing, the authors offer initiatory journeys and visualization exercises that empower readers to engage in physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental healing across time and space. Using powerful shamanic tools, such as the Heart Breath, Breaking Reality Barriers, and Transforming Fear, individuals can combine their healing intentions with the intelligent field of creation to effect tangible change in the world and tackle issues such as pollution-based diseases, natural and man-made disasters, environmental degradation, and conscious evolution.


Chapter 19
The Pandemic of Cancer

A Shamanistic Approach

Counting Coup on Cancer: Shamanism and Metaphysics Meet Chemotherapy and Radiation

January 28, 1992, in the oncologist’s office: I sat in a comfortable, pink Lazy-Boy chair. Next to me was a tall stand with a bag dripping clear fluid into the catheter that had been surgically implanted, enabling the fluid to enter directly into a large vein with enough flow to keep the chemicals from burning the vein’s walls. Seated beside me was Mark, and on my lap was my trusty Mac computer. We were shamanistically observing and recording the process of chemotherapy while attempting to establish rapport with the barbaric agents of death that would be fighting for me and my survival.

As Mark focused inward, he saw a staging area filling with abstract beings. They came out of shadows, alien beings with uncoiling tendrils, horns, claws, and misshapen bodies. There was a short one with brown hair and long claws that everyone was backing away from. It is difficult to do justice in writing to how inhuman these beings were: chaotic, base creatures of low intelligence that had no business being alive.

A serpent-dog was coiled around my legs and feet. Like a general, he barked commands. I knew I must not take the edge off his fighting rage.

At 1:45 p.m. anti-nausea drugs were being dripped into my catheter in preparation for the noxious chemicals that were soon to follow. On this day I would have Adriomycen, Vincristine, and Methotrexate; tomorrow, 5FU, and I would be taking Cytoxin by mouth every day.

With prompting from my inner guidance, I psychically reached into my rib cage and ripped my chest wide open to allow the beings to enter and begin the great battle for my life. We could clearly see their barbaric mentality as they crawled, hopped, and jumped in the opening in my chest, which extended from my throat to my sternum.

At 1:52 p.m. sterile water was dripped into the catheter. The serpent-dog flipped from shepherding troops to check in with me, nuzzling my hand and observing everything that was happening with keen, sharp eyes.

Now it was time for the actual chemicals--the storm began, the battle was engaged . . .

As that first battle raged within me, we went home to await the effects. That night the opened area of my chest had taken on the appearance of a cave in which an aged crone was laying a fire, setting up housekeeping, building shelves, hanging herbs, and sweeping the floor. Throughout the entire four months of chemotherapy, my staunch allies were the ever-vigilant crone and the serpent-dog.

Connecting with the crone that night, we became aware of the thunder of distant drums. We could see the glow over the horizon from the advancing army, marking the place where the reinforcements were coming.

The next morning I went for my second day of chemotherapy. While preparing to receive the first injection of 5FU, we saw that the gathering force was on the move. New reinforcements carried big drums, rode doglike creatures, and went about regulating things. They smeared themselves with ashes, emitting guttural sounds as they whipped themselves into a frenzy.

The serpent-dog and the crone looked very regal. The crone moved all of her belongings out of the way but kept the fire burning. She left the cave, leaving me to tend the fire. It was very important for me to maintain an air of nobility throughout the entire course of chemotherapy. I was in command of the chemicals, and I would keep them focusing on the job at hand. It was not easy.

Within two weeks my hair began to fall out, and before long I was completely bald, and soon I had no eyebrows either. I continued to support my treatment through shamanic observation, acupuncture, massage, herbs, and alchemical healing. I could not take the prescriptions for controlling nausea because they caused a strong reaction; I felt as though I was jumping out of my skin. I found pot to be helpful for controlling the nausea and providing access to a level of consciousness where I could more easily make changes inside.

Six weeks later everything conspired to create a most unusual healing experience. Four close friends were working on me, as they did throughout my chemo protocol, practicing all the alchemical healing work we had learned during the previous ten years.

Music was an important vehicle for journeying, and this night we played Voice of the Four Winds, by Dik Darnell. This music pushed me into a place of prayer, calling out to the spirits and giving thanks, and I found myself traveling inward, spiraling through my body until I entered a level where I recognized what felt like the patterning of genes. Recently I had seen a news broadcast about the possibility of an anomalous gene (later identified as BRCA1) found in women with a proclivity to breast cancer. With the support of the music I was able to connect to this gene. I have never thought of violence as an appropriate means for anything. Yet, here I was, my body a literal battlefield, filled with a nuclear arsenal of chemicals developed to deal cancer its deathblows without doing irrevocable damage to healthy organs and tissues. I’d attempted to connect at the molecular level and transform the cells, but always with some confusion as to whether I was killing them. This time, with the magic of the moment and the music, I was able to hold the gene and know it transformed and healed through love. Some basic pattern in the blueprint of my life shifted from life-destroying to life-affirming.

Even during the most miserable of times, for the many days when I could do nothing more rigorous than go to the bathroom, my spirit guides and totem allies were always available.

About The Authors

Nicki Scully has been a healer and teacher of shamanism and the Egyptian mysteries since 1978. She lectures worldwide and specializes in spiritual tours to sacred sites in Egypt, Peru, and other countries. She is the author of Power Animal Meditations and Alchemical Healing, and the co-author of Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt and The Anubis Oracle. Nicki lives in Eugene, Oregon, where she maintains a comprehensive healing and shamanic consulting practice.

Mark Hallert is a visionary and cofounder, with Nicki Scully, of Shamanic Journeys, Ltd., which specializes in spiritual tours to sacred sites in Egypt and other countries. He lives in Eugene, Oregon, with Nicki, where they maintain a comprehensive healing and shamanic consulting practice.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bear & Company (September 21, 2011)
  • Length: 288 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781591439431

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Raves and Reviews

Planetary Healing offers a strategic plan to more effectively redefine the path of human evolution. The book’s guided shamanic journeys induce a state of calm consciousness expressed as a-EEG brain activity. Its informative and nurturing insights offer readers an opportunity to actively manifest new positive and empowering futures that benefit humanity, Mother Earth, and all of life.”

– Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief

“One can’t even begin to turn the opening pages of Planetary Healing without becoming fully engaged. The storytelling alone is magnificent, as Nicki and Mark share their personal journeys into the realm of alchemical healing. Their intention for their readers is ‘nothing less than transformation at the deepest level.’ And they deliver on this promise, giving tools and practices to foster a deeply personal and planetary healing journey for each individual willing to be a catalyst of change. They’ve created a true wisdom book, fabulously interesting, inspiring, and utterly transformative.”

– Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist and author of Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal

“Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert give us tools and resources to take a quantum leap in our evolutionary intelligence as we collectively move through the narrows of planetary challenges. It especially lends itself to joining with others in going through the visualizations together.”

– Justine Willis Toms, cofounder of New Dimensions Radio/Media and author of Small Pleasures

“Grab your paintbrush and set up your easel. This book is more than a museum of the past and a fantasy of the future. It is a call to action, to co-creation. Its message--‘Don’t despair; create a new reality’--goes beyond the usual ways of approaching the current ecological crisis. It skillfully guides us to effective ways to enhance our relationships with ourselves, others, and our planet. Come! Add your strokes of love and healing, joy and yearning, to the canvas. Dream a future perfect. Weave a web of wholeness.”

– Susun S. Weed, author of Wise Woman Herbal series

Planetary Healing brings to life the tapestry of the inner realms as a path to conscious evolution and transformation for the self and the planet. Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert provide a rare opportunity to look into the inner workings of their spiritual journeys, sharing personal stories, rites of passage, and practical tools that inspire and invite the reader to awaken the healer, visionary, and mystic within.”

– Danielle Rama Hoffman, author of The Temples of Light

“Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert are authentic loving examples as true planetary healers and visionaries. Their fierce compassion and loyal dedication to their work together has carried them through many powerful shamanic journeys on the ‘path’ and has led them to an ultimate truth that permeates the pages of this book. . . . Their Spirit Medicine is a soothing balm for a troubled world that is finally ready to remember that the healer lives within all of our hearts.”

– Linda Star Wolf, author of Visionary Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork

“Filled with passion, effective strategies, as well as wonderful story-telling, their book gives us a Shamanic view of Chernobyl, 9-11, the BP oil spill, and other natural and man-made disasters, and then goes on to show us how we can use the tools of Shamanism to heal ourselves and the environment by transforming consciousness at the deepest levels - the only real path to genuine change.”

– Spirituality-and-Religion, October 2011

“In Planetary Healing, shamanic healer Nicki Scully and visionary Mark Haller reveal how to move beyond feeling helpless and overwhelmed by global crises, so we can make a difference in the world through active participation in healing ourselves, our families, our communities, and the planet.”

– J.C., Common Ground, November 2011

Planetary Healing points out these times and in the same breath helps us regain our power to be an active participant in the solutions, not a victim of the problems. The book along with the CD of guided meditations may be the missing piece for many of the people who feel so disconnected and powerless in today’s world.”

– Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide, January 2012

“In this unprecedented time of global chaos and change, Planetary Healing taps in to a whole new level of mind. The brilliant shamanic journeys in these pages connect the reader with the courage, compassion, and creativity so needed to birth a new world that works for us all.”

– Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

Planetary Healing is a treasure trove of teachings and spiritual practices for transforming ourselves and the planet. Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert reach in to the wealth of their life experiences with great passion to share with us vital information for our survival. Great work!”

– Sandra Ingerman, author of Medicine for the Earth and Awakening to the Spirit World

Alchemical Healing opened the gateway to individual work in shamanic healing. Now, in Planetary Healing, Nicki and Mark offer visionary processes to heal Gaia and move the planet and its spiritual transformation.”

– Normandi Ellis, author of Awakening Osiris

“Intense, powerful and sustained, Planetary Healing offers an antidote to despairs over the state of Earth. Global transformation is a considerable undertaking but one the authors say is crucial to save our planet and ourselves.”

– Fran Gardner, New Connexion

“This book is a do, rather than a read. Each chapter fosters a continuing process through practice, with examples and exercises on how to accomplish each. You will learn how to identify, then connect with feelings and concepts like love, fear, and healing, then continue to transformation at the deepest level, resulting in a positive release of energy that can be utilized by all.”

– Awareness Magazine

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