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Hieroglyphic Words of Power

Symbols for Magic, Divination, and Dreamwork

Foreword by Nicki Scully

A guide to harnessing the ancient power of hieroglyphs

• Reveals hieroglyphs as magical tools for manifesting ideas in the material world

• Offers in-depth interpretations of 60 hieroglyphs and guidelines for understanding them as words of power, oracles, and dream symbols

• Explains how to create your own hieroglyph cards and amulets and use them for divination, meditation, and manifestation work

Words are magic. They operate on many levels through both sound and symbol. Egyptian priests understood that language and thought could create realities if the exact words are uttered at the right time, properly intoned, and filled with intention. They called their magical language of hieroglyphic symbols medju neter, meaning “the Word of God.” These symbols were said to have been created by Isis and Thoth and were presided over by the goddess Seshet, keeper of the Akashic records. Through their chant lines and repetitions, sound vibrations, and hypnotically recurring images, hieroglyphs, such as those found inside the pyramids, were intended to activate a trancelike state that allowed the individual to ascend into the heavens and thus, riding on this incantatory language, converse with the ancestors and the Creator.

In this detailed guide, author Normandi Ellis explores how to use hieroglyphs as words of power for manifesting ideas into the material world as well as how to utilize them in magic, meditation, divination, and dream work. She offers a deep look at the many layers of meaning contained within 60 important hieroglyphs, breaking down the elements within each symbol and explaining the myths behind them, the gods and goddesses they are connected to, their initiatory significance, and their oracular and dream meanings. She also shares guidelines for interpreting hieroglyphs so readers will be able to come to their own understandings about the secrets they hold.

Providing instructions for creating your own hieroglyph cards, amulets, and other magically empowered objects, Ellis offers practices and strategies to use them, with detailed explanations for the historical, magical, practical, and symbolic reasons why each method is effective. She offers several layouts and card spreads for divination readings based on Egyptian myth, numerology, and astrology. Revealing the depth of meaning behind each of these powerful ancient symbols, Normandi Ellis shows that we can still harness their millennia-old magic today.

Normandi Ellis is an award-winning writer, workshop facilitator, and director of PenHouse Retreat Center. The author of several books, including Awakening Osiris, and coauthor of Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt, she leads tours to Egypt with Shamanic Journeys, Ltd., and lives in Frankfort, Kentucky.

“This is a work of genius! Normandi Ellis, the author of this mind-cracking, soul-shaking work, is a once and future priestess, poet, and practitioner of the mystery, magic, and spiritual arts of ancient Egypt. She illustrates the enormous difference between our material thought and what we might call our soul thought or hieroglyphic thought. The Egyptians lived closer to the depths of their intra-dimensional minds than we do. By learning to perceive hieroglyphically, we can tap the many levels of consciousness; we can accommodate ourselves to the many transformations of our time; we can discover the many meanings, the sacred ambivalences. By consciously shaping our lives through spiritual attunement by thinking hieroglyphically, analogically, and symbolically in charged multi-patterns with webs of meaning, we can begin to create changes in our own forms--in our bodies and our minds. Thus, we approach the enantiodromia, ‘the big turnaround,’ that leads to a higher and deeper culture for us all collectively.”

– Jean Houston, Ph.D., scholar, philosopher, researcher in human capacities, and author of The Passion

“Normandi Ellis dreams into the mind of ancient Egypt, and Egypt dreams through her. She is one of those who passed through the lion skin, as Egypt said of initiates, and now invites us to taste the mysteries. With Hieroglyphic Words of Power, this word priestess gives us access to ancient codes for creation through the heart and the tongue. She takes us on a tour of the magic library of Seshet--scribe, goddess, and celestial consort of Thoth--where gods and glyphs come alive. This beautifully designed book is a workout for the visual imagination and an invitation to awaken to the power of naming and constructing personal oracles from ancient words of power. Through essays on sixty medju neter (words of the gods), Normandi introduces us to ‘hieroglyphic thinking’ and leads us with poetic clarity through a profusion of deities, creation myths, and spiritual bodies. She leaves us with a reference book to which I will return again and again--a resource unlike others, because, beyond scholarship, the author’s shining love for her theme blazes through every word.”

– Robert Moss, author of Dreaming the Soul Back Home, The Secret History of Dreaming, and The Dreamer&

“This book is almost as good as being in class or traveling with Normandi Ellis, as she shares her immense wisdom from her even bigger heart. As the class or tour eventually ends, this beautiful book ensures that the teaching does not--you can delve into it anytime to discover new layers and revelations. Normandi presents the hieroglyphs of Egypt as tangible oracular tools to navigate the magical cosmology of our existence and to divine ourselves as living images of the magic that created us. This book is not only about the magic; it vividly helps us to remember that we are the magic.”

– Kathryn W. Ravenwood, author of How to Create Sacred Water

“Normandi Ellis’s latest book has given me something precious: access to a door that for years I thought had no key, behind which--I just knew--were wonderful things just out of reach. At last, with the surprising and multilayered techniques given, I see a way to crack it open.”

– Alan Richardson, coauthor of The Inner Guide to Egypt and author of Magical Kabbalah and The Sea Pri

“As Normandi writes, ‘truth is more than one thing.’ To break the spell that reality is something fixed, Normandi conjures spells of imagery and poetry, tricking us into a larger truth. Don’t be confused that in your hands now is a book of words. For if you dare suspend your usual perceptions and expectations, you may recognize that you’re being handed a prism of realization--one facet, one image, one key to the kingdom at a time. Beyond the relative reality that we unconsciously construct moment by moment lives the imaginal realms. Step into these pages. Let go. Become ancient and available to the gods through your own nonrational self.”

– Deborah Jones, executive director of the Nine Gates Mystery School

"An extraordinary and impressively informative study, Hieroglyphic Words of Power is an outstanding and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, professional, community, and academic library Metaphysical Studies collection in general, and Occult/Taro/New Age Mysticism supplemental studies lists in particular."

– Midwest Book Review

“Normandi has created a very mysterious and beautiful book on ancient writings. Hieroglyphics are unknown to most people but is now a subject we can study thanks to this wonderful collection of work. This author’s research is impeccable. This book is a portal into ancient teaching that have been obscured for centuries. A power accomplishment.”

– Lynn Andrews, NY Times Bestselling author of The Medicine Woman Series

"The book demonstrates how the reader can use hieroglyphics to manifest desires, and intentions. Once you have gone over the basics, the majority of the book is the Words of Power, the Hieroglyphs. Each entry has an image as well as a photograph, the nine interpretations that can be used. This section has sixty hieroglyphs to learn and work with and is a handy guide to have on your shelf to reference when needed. The last section is the layouts for card divinations for readings. Each is well explained with images for your own practice. Overall this was a good book but it is not for the casual or light reader."

– Amber Barnes,

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