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Health: The Reader's Digest Version

Easy Ways to Feel Better and Live Longer

It takes 11 years of study to become a doctor-a fact that makes good health sound awfully complicated. But it shouldn't be! You just need someone to help sort through all the conflicting voices and studies to find the truly great nuggets of wisdom and advice. We've done just that! In Health... The Reader's Digest Version veteran health journalist and book author Joe Kita and the editors of Reader's Digest magazine distill the best knowledge about health into simple advice you can start using right now. Whether it's sleeping better, picking a doctor, losing weight, lowering cholesterol, or finding more energy come 8:00 in the evening, here are the proven, simple ways to achieve your goals. Discover specific ways to:

  • Live to be 100
  • Hang on to your hair
  • Lower stress by 75 percent
  • Get rid of a cold
  • Avoid food-borne illness
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Outsmart a restaurant menu
  • Heal yourself with mind power
  • Assess alternative therapies
  • End back pain forever

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