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A Stranger's House

For a long time, Claire and Tom Templeton have wished in vain for a child. What they have instead is a house, a charming old Cape that is their consolation. In the gray chill of a Massachusetts autumn, the Templetons and two local handymen, loners and eccentrics, work to rebuild the ramshackle home. As the house takes on a new life, Claire begins to understand its tangled history -- and to reconcile her own past and renew her hope for the future.

Pat Conroy Bret Lott is an important artist....A beautifully crafted novel.

The New York Times Some wonderfully imagined moments....characters whose family mystery is Faulknerian, rife with hidden intensity.

The Boston Globe A smooth, uncompromising novel about learning to live with both the defeat of old dreams and the obligation to fashion new ones.

The Milwaukee Journal There is so much good in this book. The author is interested in real life: people who work for a living...and who fumble with some sense of the spirit-life that is brought alive in the murky world of love, marriage, and friendship....Bret Lott creates a character you can care about, one whose life deepens as the book moves forward....rewarding.

The Los Angeles Times Book Review As in The Man Who Owned Vermont, his widely acclaimed first work of fiction, Bret Lott once again depicts a young couple who struggle with difficulties in their marriage....A Stranger's House lives, breathes -- and is indeed breathtakingly real.

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