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Jane Feather unveils her new beautiful cover!

Jane Feather, New York Times bestselling author of The Blackwater Bride series, Twelfth Night Secrets, and Engagement at Beaufort Hall, reveals her delightfully gorgeous new cover for TRAPPED AT THE ALTAR. Check it below and be sure to pre-order this fab new book in her brand new series which publishes in July 2014!

The Seventh Day of Manganiello

On the seventh day of Joe, XOXO gave to thee…   The majesty of mountaintop Manganiello. Can’t get enough? Well that’s good news–the hotness continues until Dec. 16, when we’ll give away signed books, True Blood DVDs, and more. Enter in the comments that day for a chance to win.   The sixth day of Joe… […]

The Sixth Day of Manganiello

On the sixth day of Joe, XOXO gave to thee…   Woof! Makes you want to scatter some tires around your lawn, just in case.   On the fifth day of Joe… On the seventh day of Joe…

The Fifth Day of Manganiello

On the fifth day of Joe, XOXO gave to thee: another great photo, even on a weekend! And remember, we’re capping the whole stretch off with a great contest on Monday the 16th, so be sure to check back that day and enter for a chance to win signed copies, True Blood and Magic Mike DVDs, […]

The Fourth Day of Manganiello

On the fourth day of Joe, XOXO gave to thee…   Action Joe! The hits just keep on coming. Keep coming on back to see more Joe, and especially on Dec. 16, when we’ll be capping off our Joepiphany celebration with a great giveaway! Books, DVDs and more–enter in the comments that day for a […]

Stir it up!

** Update:  We apologize to those users who received the email blast after the contest had already closed. In light of that technical issue, we considered every comment on this post as an entry in the contest. Congratulations to our winners! Grand prize winner: Bonbonchef Other winners: Librarygal, BookAttict   This time of year always calls for […]

Check back on Dec. 12 for Kresley Cole giveaway!

For anyone living under a rock who may not have heard,  New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kresley Cole is publishing her first-ever erotica e-serialization… IN UNDER TWO WEEKS! THE PROFESSIONAL–a sexy, compulsive read about Natalie, a grad student who finds out she’s a Russian mafiya princess, and Sevastyan, the hot brooding dude […]

Good tidings to you!

‘Tis the season to eat lots of cookies and chocolate and go to so many holiday parties you can’t keep them all straight! It can be tough to have your holiday party stand out from the rest of ’em. But New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries has just the trick to make your party the […]

The Third Day of Manganiello

On the third day of Joe, XOXO gave to thee…two Joes for the price of one! Here’s Joe with his cardboard standup (love how he’s taller than his cardboard twin!). Which do you like better…Laughing Joe or Fierce Joe?                               I […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Stop Whining, All Y’all

Oof, everyone on Nashville annoyed me tonight, mostly because they are all creating DRAMA where no drama need exist. I suppose it’s churlish to complain about too much drama on a nighttime soap opera, but tonight I felt like we’ve seen it all before. The Good: The sniping on Juliette’s tour is getting fierce–Layla’s too […]

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