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The Bachelor: You Don’t Know, Man! You Weren’t There!

The Bachelor is off to Vietnam this week, which promises astounding scenery from the setting and questionable behavior from the stars. The ladies ooh and aah over their resort digs, and ride an awesome funicular up to the hotel. Right away, it’s time for the one-on-one date card, and this week it’s for Renee! She’s […]

Wild Seasons: The new Christina Lauren series

Bestselling author Christina Lauren (aka Christina and Lauren, who combine Voltron-like to write smut) titillated you with tales of bosses behaving badly in New York and Chicago in their Beautiful series. Now comes their all-new Wild Seasons series, a sexy, hilarious blend of new adult and erotic romance. When three besties meet three hot guys in […]

White Princess Giveaway

We’re so excited about the success of The White Princess and the spin-off mini-series The White Queen on Starz! The book is great and the show is one of our favorites. And if you win our giveaway, you get both! There will be two winners. Each will get a Blu Ray boxed set of the […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Speaking Truth to Power Edition

Tonight’s Nashville recap is brought to you by a lot of cold medicine, so it will be both shorter and less coherent than usual. Whee! Rayna is getting ready to announce her album launch now that her single (co-written with Deacon) is ready to go, and boyfriend Luke Wheeler is happy to help out. He […]

The Bachelor: Gangnam Style?

First off, since I missed this on Monday, I’m watching the Tivo’d version…which tells you right in the description who gets the one-on-one date! C’mon, Tivo. Although it’s convenient for me. And then, the previews of the night’s ep actually spoil that info as well, so I guess I can’t be too upset at Tivo. […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Days of Whine and Posers

I’m really going to try to bring in this week’s 5-minute Nashville in something close to 5 minutes, because I’m exhausted and it’s too cold and I have officially hit Threat Level Fed Up With Winter. So hang on and let’s go! I could just give you the 1-minute Nashville thusly: Shut up, Scarlett! She […]

Sherlock Recap: The Empty Hearse

XOXO After Dark extends a warm welcome to its newest TV recapper, Gallery Books publicist Kristin Dwyer! Like many of us, Kristin is a rabid Sherlock fan, so when she offered to recap the show for us, we jumped at the chance! Who wouldn’t want a little more Cumberbatch in her day, right? So read on […]

The Bachelor: Kiss of the Spider Women

The bloom is off the Bachelor rose this week, as Juan Pablo said some pretty gross things about gay couples and parents–he subsequently attributed them to the language barrier, and then released a GLAAD-approved statement taking it all back. But consider this your first look at the real JP, I guess. Tonight, we start with […]

Cover reveal! SWEET FILTHY BOY

Thanks to PopSugar for hosting the cover reveal of Christina Lauren’s brand new series, Wild Seasons, which begins with SWEET FILTHY BOY. (With a title like that, how can you resist?) A brand new series tory of friends, love, and lust from the authors of Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player, this new series […]

Livetweeting V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic

Whether you’re a V.C. Andrews fan from way back and read Flowers in the Attic at summer camp (it was always at summer camp, wasn’t it?), or you’re just discovering this juicy, drama-filled story for the first time thanks to the Lifetime movie, join editors @Adam_Detritus and @AbZurdity as they livetweet the show (tonight at […]

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