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5 Creative Ways to Bring More Mistletoe Into Your Life

It’s holiday season! Which means decorations abound. And if you’re like us and feeling a little DIY this month, you’re in luck! New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries stopped by XOXOAD to share her top five tips on the best ways to use mistletoe, other than, you know, standing under it and waiting for […]

Author Candace Camp on Steamy Non-Chick Flicks

New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp knows that we all love chick flicks, chances are our guys/friends/family probably get a little sick of them. So if your movie date groans at even the idea of a rom com, not to worry! She’s sharing her favorite non-chick flicks that are still chock full of some […]

Mary Alice Monroe Brings Lowcountry Christmas Cheer!

‘Tis the season for gifts, family and good cheer, but it’s also the season to be thankful, and Mary Alice Monroe has begun a wonderful campaign that we’re proud to share. She’s partnering with Operation Gratitude to encourage her fans to send letters to the men and women serving our country all around the world–and […]

Bad Boys and Girls I Love to Hate, by Samantha Joyce

In Samantha Joyce’s second book in the Love in Disguise series, now available from Pocket Star, she gives readers an inside look into the ‘villain’ from book one, Flirting with Fame–and all is not what it seems to be. Check out her listicle below of Sam’s favorite big and small screen bad boys and girls!  […]

A Very Peri Reed Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. A time for family, friends, and… cats? Check out this exclusive content from #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison on how Peri Reed, the kick-ass heroine of The Drafter & The Operator–out today, from Pocket Books!–met and fell in love with her BFF Carnac the cat!  From the author: I truly […]

Author Julia Kelly on What You Need to Be Watching this Holiday Season

Julia Kelly, historical romance author of the fabulously addictive Governess Series, is back and ready to dish on her go-to holiday movies! Because let’s be honest, what is winter and the holiday season for if it’s not for good books, good movies, and an oh-so-comfy spot on the couch? So go download the now on-sale […]

Flipping Romance on its head with Sara Rider

Contemporary sports romance author Sara Rider is back with her second, but equally as competitive, book in The Perfect Play Series!  You’ve already met Jaime, Lainey’s snarky-but-lovable co-captain, but Keeping Score really lets you into her life, and her crush on the team’s physiotherapist… Will Jaime give in to a love that could leave everyone […]

The best sort of trouble is biker boy trouble

New York Times bestselling author Chantal Fernando’s next installment in her beloved Wind Dragon MC series is available now! We first met the stars of Chantal’s bestselling series in Dragon’s Lair, and now Sin and Faye are ready for more—and with these two, that means more passion, more action, and more of the best kind of trouble. So […]

5 Devilishly Scary Villains We Love to Hate

It’s almost Halloween, so we tapped one of our favorite horror writers, J. Lincoln Fenn, to talk about something scary. After all, the villain in her new book, DEAD SOULS, is the Devil himself, so she should know! She came through with a stellar list of movie baddies who go above and beyond…   It’s not unusual […]

What if Fairy Tales were real?

Author Ali Novak joins us today to let us in on a little secret: sometimes, dreams do come true.  Everyone loves a good fairy tale, and in the Once Upon Now collection, the Wattpad authors have come together to give some of our favorites a makeover.  Read more to find out how Ali came upon her […]

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