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Am I with the right person?
Will our love last?

Men and women in love are haunted by these questions. Love -- especially why it blossoms in relationships and why it later dies -- is a mystery to them. Will Our Love Last? A Couple's Road Map solves this mystery by giving readers a new understanding of love -- an understanding they can actually use to evaluate the soundness of their relationships and to answer confidently the crucial questions that mystified them before.
Based on hundreds of cases in his twenty-four years as a marital therapist and twenty-nine years in his own happy marriage, Sam R. Hamburg, Ph.D., explains how compatibility is the key to lasting love. He shows how compatibility on three major dimensions -- the Practical Dimension, the Sexual Dimension, and the Wavelength Dimension -- is essential to the mutual understanding and affirmation that keep love alive, and he leads readers through a simple but systematic procedure for assessing their compatibility with a romantic partner in these crucial relationship areas.
Dr. Hamburg introduces a new technique, The Hand Rotation Exercise, to help readers express their degree of compatibility and then convey that visually to their partner. In addition, he presents two new original techniques for working through relationship conflicts and coming to agreement on difficult issues: His Way/Her Way and The Long Conversation.
Written in a clear, direct style that is free of jargon, Will Our Love Last? empowers readers to make important relationship decisions that are intellectually and emotionally informed. Will Our Love Last? will help couples trying to decide if they should take the next step to a more committed relationship. It will aid individuals embarking on a new relationship, or who are between relationships, to evaluate the rightness of a new or prospective partner. And it will assist people who are already in committed relationships to make an honest assessment of their prospects for happiness with their current partner.
People have it in their power to make sure that they truly are with the right person. Will Our Love Last? shows the way.

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Arnold A. Lazurus, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Rutgers University Dr. Hamburg empowers readers to make a clear-eyed and confident assessment of their prospects for happiness with a romantic partner.

Alan S. Gurman, Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Couple and Family Clinic, University of Wisconsin Medical Center This is the most thought-provoking book on marriage and marital problems I've read in years, and definitely one of the wisest. Hamburg reexamines our most cherished ideas about marriage, turns them upside down, and gives us back an incredibly honest, realistic, and practical lens through which we can make sense of the most significant relationship in our lives.

Michael F. Roizen, M.D. author of RealAge: Are You As Young As You Can Be? This is an excellent book for understanding what makes love flower and endure.

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