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In this historical western romance from the author of Swan Bride, a Boston firebrand and a hard-riding scout discover a passion that defies the wild frontier.

In the years after the Civil War, Miss India Simms left the comforts of Boston to preach women’s rights throughout the Wyoming Territory. At her arrival, the raw town of Cheyenne and her guide, Gat Ransom, are shocked by the petite aristocrat and her mission.

Gat’s rough-hewn appearance and quick, good-natured smile embody the contradictions of the West, but his scarred, taut power sets fire to disturbing, unfamiliar feelings in India’s veins.

As the ride the sweeping plains and towering forests, India and Gat find themselves sharing laughter, danger, and a sensuous promise as they both share a deep need for freedom that keeps them achingly apart.

It is not until they cast off their stubborn pride that they will discover the pure bliss of surrender and a fiery love that will be theirs forever.

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