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An RWA Best Historical Fantasy Romance winner and the second book of the Swan Maiden trilogy, Swan Witch is the enchanting medieval tale of a handsome knight seeking the Swan Sister blessed with powers to heal his wounds, but finding a silent, fearful young women with a sorrowful secret in her place.

Glowing with netherworld witchery as the setting sun haloed her flame-red hair, beautiful Eithne’s gentle nature was clouded by the black magic of the Druid father, the man imprisoning her mother and holding Eithne in a life of fear.

Vowing never to speak again, she is unable to cry a warning to the handsome knight, Bron mac Llyr, as he enters the gates of Rath Morna and seals his fate. With raven-black hair braided like that of a king, Bron travels the land searching for the famed Swan Sister blessed with the powers that could heal his battle wounds. Instead, he finds a place of dark enchantment, a trap of lies and illusions, and an exotic, ethereal women so lovely he burns to possess her at first sight.

As Bron vows to unveil the sorrowful secret burdening her heart, Eithne must chance exchanging her father’s evil reign for the greater hazards of desire, discovering along the way that a man could free her, as well as possess her.

Betina Lindsey is the author of several books, including Swan Bride, Swan WitchSwan Star, and The Serpent Beguiled

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