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Vineyard Shadows

Martha's Vineyard Mystery #12

It’s just another gorgeous June day on Martha’s Vineyard until J.W. Jackson and his young son, Joshua, arrive home from clamming to find an ambulance in the driveway and blood on the grass. Two intruders have invaded their house. Little Diana is safe, but wife Zee has a split lip and a bruised cheek, and the difficult memory of killing one man and fending off another. The dead man and his accomplice wanted to know the whereabouts of Tom Rimini. They should have asked J.W. Tom is the husband of J.W.’s ex-wife, Carla. J.W. hasn’t seen Carla in fifteen years, but that’s about to change: Rimini’s on the run and needs J.W.’s help.

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The late Philip R. Craig was the author of nineteen novels in the Martha’s Vineyard Mystery series. A professor emeritus of English at Wheelock College in Boston, he loved the Vineyard and lived there year-round with his wife, Shirley.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune Spending time with author Craig on Martha's Vineyard is the next best thing to vacationing on the island yourself.

Booklist This insinuatingly attractive series, starring J. W. and Zee Jackson, grows and deepens.

Kirkus Reviews J.W. is turning into the sensitive, playful, proud papa we all wish we had, but along with all this easygoing amiability come flashes of a darker, more dangerous J.W.

BookBytes Philip R. Craig shows he is a potent storyteller...a triumph.

Mystery News Just the companion for a day on the beach or in the backyard hammock.

Rocky Mountain Telegram Amid bluefish, clambakes, some gourmet meals, a touch of romance, and witty bantering among friends, the Martha's Vineyard mysteries are a breath of fresh air, with a touch of murder most foul; no true whodunit fan could ask for more.

The Indianapolis Star Philip Craig has an eminently readable series going, and he's not doing the Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce a bit of harm, either.

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