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True Angel Stories

777 Messages of Hope and Inspiration

Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

This inspiration book of 777 true angel stories explores how angels can transform lives through exercises and visualisations that readers can practice on their own. Stories discuss guardian angels, feathers, signs, rainbows, prayers, numbers and names, unicorns, orbs and much, much more, making this the ultimate angel compendium.


Guardian Angels
Everyone has a guardian angel, who is with you from birth and who holds the divine blueprint of your life. No matter what you do your guardian angel loves you unconditionally and is with you all the time. They constantly whisper to you to do what is for your highest good and try to guide you. I have seen many photographs showing the Orbs of guardian angels, right by someone’s ear mak- ing suggestions to them.
They encourage you to make the best choices, arrange for you to meet people who you need to come across and comfort and help you in any way they can. Because you have free will your guardian angel cannot save you from an experi- ence from which you must learn. They will, however, save you from danger or death if it is not your time.

~ Meeting My Guardian Angel ~
I love this story from Karin, which illustrates that your guardian angel loves you however bad you feel.
Although I was a reiki master and healer, and always knew I was psychic, I didn’t feel any connection with angels until I decided to train in the Transform Your Life Programme with Elizabeth Ann Morris.
She asked if I wanted to meet my guardian angel and took me through a guided meditation. I was terrified! I really believed angels wouldn’t want to know me. I felt very deeply that I wasn’t lovable and they wouldn’t come.
However, this amazing teacher brought angels of healing into my heart and I felt it! I had a strong physical sense of my breathing calming, of light of some kind engulfing me, and of the pain in my heart lessening.
The name “Harold” came into my mind. I saw the most beautiful being, and what was most amazing was that love for me in his eyes. My life changed in that moment. I realized that love was there if I wanted it. All I had to do was close my eyes and ask Harold to come.

~ Cocooned by an Angel ~
Your guardian angel holds your hand and supports you whenever you are most in need.
My partner and I were thrilled when I became pregnant, but at eleven weeks I started spotting and had backache. I went to bed while my partner phoned the doc- tor. I closed my eyes and saw myself on a hospital trolley being wheeled through some doors. I kept telling myself to keep calm and everything would be OK.
The room seemed to go “soft” and I felt surrounded by physical warmth and love. All fear left me and I was calm and safe as if I was held in a cocoon of gentle- ness. I knew that whatever was to happen I would not be alone.
I went for a check-up and was kept in overnight. I dreamed I saw the outline of a foetus highlighted in electric blue light but the foetus separated from me and I woke up. I miscarried. I was very upset but somehow I knew I was still held in that cocoon of calm, peace and love.
The next morning I was taken on a trolley through those doors I had seen in my mind’s eye. An inner calm stayed with me for days afterwards. I’m sure the pres- ence was my guardian angel helping me through a challenging time.

~ Guardian Angel Diversion ~
This girl was blessed when her guardian angel protected her. Angels work in a mil- lion ways to keep us safe even from our own mistakes.
I was in my early twenties, on my way home, worse for wear after a late night out and I missed my train stop. I stupidly accepted a lift from a stranger. All was fine until I tried to get out and then I realized I was not safe.
Suddenly both the driver and I were drawn to the sound of someone walk- ing towards the car. A man with a trilby hat was approaching. The street lamp seemed to shine down on him. I managed to get out of the car and home safely.
The next day two things struck me. Although the “man” had seemed to be ap- proaching the car, he never got there or walked past. I went back to the spot and saw that there was no street lamp there. I can only conclude that my guardian angel caused the diversion to keep me safe. I send thanks for this.

~ Guardian Angel and My Life Mission ~
If you ask for something that is for your highest good, your guardian angel will step in and make sure it happens.
I found an advert for Diana’s ascension teaching course. I was so excited I called the number straight away and Diana said she was sorry but the course was full. I asked my guardian angel to make sure a place came up if it was for my highest good. Two days later I had a call to say there was now a place if I wanted it. I thanked Eleanor, my guardian angel, for her help and haven’t looked back since!

~ Angels Watching Over Me ~
Our guardian angels watch over us all the time and it is such a wonderful, com- forting feeling when we sense them.
It has been only a few years since I discovered angels. I was always looking for physical signs like feathers, but eventually realized that I needed to have more faith.
One day I was sleeping in my bedroom, which also contains my shrine. I felt someone else in the room and sensed a large shape sitting on the table nearby. I forgot all about this and went about my business.
A day later when I was tidying up my bed I found two white feathers on my blanket. They were so pure white in colour that I knew that they had been left by my angels.

~ Walking with My Guardian Angel in the Swiss Alps ~
Your guardian angels will give you an indication when there is danger so that you can take avoiding action.
I went hiking alone in the Swiss Alps. The routes are well laid out and easy to follow. Every day I asked my guardian angel to look after me and let me know if it was unsafe. My “gut” reaction – my angels – always lets me know.
One day I was on a route that led between two mountains into a valley. My gut started reacting and I felt afraid. The feeling intensified and after lunch I went back down the mountain.
Some days later I followed another route into the valley and there was a plateau with a derelict mine. I have no idea what danger may have lay ahead but I had to listen to my guardian angel.

~ Angel Comforts Patient ~
When someone has a fever they are often able to see beyond the veil into the spir- itual realms, as in this story.
I had believed in angels since I was a child, but was put off by being told that I must not talk about them as some of them might be evil. Some years ago, on night duty at the hospital where I was a nurse, I had a patient with a very high fe- ver. I cooled him with wet towels, then stood at the foot of his bed and watched how he was. Suddenly he lifted his hand and said, “There is my angel.” I could not see an angel. I shuddered a little because of my childhood memories, but realized that the patient was deeply comforted by this angelic presence.

~ The Comfort of Knowing My Guardian Angel is with Me ~
In the following story Sharon shares how her guardian angel saved her from an accident.
I know my guardian angel is with me and on several occasions this has definitely prevented me from coming to serious harm. Once, as I was driving at 2.30 a.m., he told me to approach the traffic lights with caution even though they were green – just as a car sped through the red light. He prevented a serious car accident.

~ Saved From a Robber ~
Sharon, from the previous story, and how her guardian angel also saved her from being robbed.
I was in Spain when my guardian angel warned me to be careful and on my guard with a man sitting close by at a little beach bar. I found out later that this man was a robber. Luckily I was prepared: after my angel warned me, I’d taken all my money, cards and keys out of my handbag and put them safely in my pockets and given my son some of my things to look after. The robber got nothing from me. It is so comforting to know my angel is always with me.

~ Saved by My Guardian Angel ~
Your guardian angel will save you if it is not right for you to get hurt or die.
I have believed in my guardian angels since I was a little child. I’ve always recog- nized their interventions for my safety and well-being, and on one important day my guardian angel saved my life.
As I walked to work I was listening to music. I came to a junction and looked both ways before stepping out. I saw a car coming straight at me at speed – too late for me to react! In my mind I saw myself being hit by the car, thrown into the air and landing way down the road.
However, as the car approached I felt myself being pushed back onto the pavement. I recognized that this amazing force was my guardian angel, Geranum, who had pushed me back out of harm’s way. I knew without the shadow of a doubt that my guardian angel saved my life.
I hope my story inspires others to find and work with their guardian angels.

~ Angels Speak to Us Through Our Inner Voice ~
Your inner voice is the whispering of your guardian angel.
I was at home on my own when I started to feel nauseous. An inner voice told me to call my brother. The voice was insistent. When my brother answered the voice told me to say I was having a stroke, but I was unable to speak and my brother was about to hang up when I finally managed to shout my name. By the time he arrived at my house I had collapsed.
Afterwards he said that if I had called ten minutes later, he would already have left for work. For me it was a miracle from my guardian angel.

~ Help with My Visa ~
If I am in any sort of trouble the first thing I do is to ask the angels for help.
We were on our way to Egypt for 11.11 and I needed an entry visa and was given one at Heathrow airport. I placed it carefully in my waistbag and zipped it up. In Cairo we stood in a queue to hand in our visas and to my horror, when I reached for mine it was missing. I searched my waistbag twice and looked in my handbag even though I knew I hadn’t put it in there. There was no sign of it. “Oh help, angels. I really need help with this,” I whispered. Then I added aloud to no one in particular, “I’ve lost my visa!” A woman standing behind me spoke up. “Oh, I was sent two by mistake,” she said. “Here, you can have my spare one.”

~ Angels Help Find the Perfect Dress ~
Angels love ceremonies and weddings, of course, are very special.
My only child, Simon, was getting married and it was imperative that I looked nice on his special day. I spent many weeks looking for an outfit, but had no luck and began to panic. Simon said, “Mum, why don’t you ask your angels to help?” So I asked them.
My friend mentioned that she knew of a shop that might suit. As I entered I saw an ice-blue dress with silver accessories. I loved it and it fitted me perfectly.
When I arrived home my neighbour asked to see my purchase. Lifting up the dress, she remarked, “What a lovely logo on the back.” I looked and was amazed. Woven into the fabric was a pair of angel wings. Printed on the label were the words “Theme Angel”. I realized the soft drapes of the dress resembled folded wings.
My son married in a church filled with over seventy angel statues and mould- ings. We were surrounded and blessed by their presence during this sacred cer- emony!

~ Guardian Angels’ Names ~
Angels take messages to and from God. Your guardian angel has a name, which is a vibration that helps you to connect. Knowing your angel’s name helps personal- ize the relationship.
I have always believed in angels and quite regularly talk to my angel. Sometimes it is a simple “Good morning”, or it can be a long conversation if something is trou- bling me. One night lying in bed I asked my angel for his name. As I settled into sleep I heard a voice say “Nicolas”. I was surprised and got out of bed and checked the directory in the back of my Bible for that name. It described Nicolas as being a deacon, so I looked that up and it said “Messenger of God”.

~ The Wonder of My Guardian Angel ~
Here is a mesmerizing story of miracles and magic with a guardian angel.
My parents divorced when I was two, leaving my mom to raise two kids alone. I was a daydreamer with vast imagination. I believed in miracles and they hap- pened almost daily in my young life. I could sense and hear my guardian angel. However, I needed to be the man of the house. I gave up my childhood and stopped daydreaming.
Fast forward and now I am twenty-two years old and working as a bartender. I met a regular who seemed familiar. I asked him what he wanted to drink, and he laughed and said “You’ll learn.” No matter what I asked him, he always answered “You’ll learn.”
He told me a story about a child who used to have an imagination, but gave it up to take care of his mother. He told me how this child had grown up and forgotten all he knew; shunned his power and forgot what his life purpose was.
The boy was visited by his guardian angel when he was in his twenties. The angel showed him miracles beyond human belief, restored the young man’s faith and then saved the young man’s life. He concluded that once these things had come to pass the angel left the man, because it was time to save another soul from a life of sadness.
All this time I was using drugs and partying all night. I had hit my lowest low when he showed up. He said “At this rate you have two weeks to live. You need to choose. Live or die, make the choice.” He disappeared ... and that was the last time I saw him.
I chose life.
Years later I remembered the story and it hit me like a ton of bricks! Surely this was my guardian angel in the flesh. He came into my life, did all he said he would do, saved my life and then disappeared. I was amazed! Was this my guardian angel? I’ll leave it to you to make your own call.

~ Guardian Angels Communicate with Each Other ~
Miracles happen when your guardian angel talks to someone else’s. However it is important to recognize that angels never condone driving too fast!
My husband and I were taking our son to Gatwick Airport. My husband was driving fast because we were fearful that our son would miss his flight. We didn’t notice that we had entered a 50-mile-per-hour speed zone until we saw a sign saying UNMARKED POLICE CARS IN THIS AREA – and, yes, next thing I knew we were being pulled over. I asked our guardian angels to talk to the guardian angel of the police officer to ask them to be lenient, explain our mistake and let us go on our way.
My husband went to talk to the officer, and miraculously, got back in the car almost immediately. He had been let off with a warning. My son caught his flight and arrived safely.

~ The First Time I Felt the Love of My Guardian Angel ~
If you are not meant to suffer your guardian angel will help you.
I had been married for six months and we had a lot of responsibility including a mortgage and bills to pay. I was in full-time employment during the day and was also working as a dancer at night.
One night my partner and I had had a row and I rushed out of our house in my pyjamas and jumped into my car.
It was raining heavily and as I raced down the road I took a corner too fast and felt myself losing control of the car. Suddenly it was as if the wheel had been taken from me and the car straightened up and all was fine. My heart pounded and I remember thinking, “I have a guardian angel who just saved me!”

~ Learning from My Guardian Angel ~
Your guardian angel does look after you but you are expected to learn from what you do.
I enjoy adventurous pursuits and my guardian angel has always looked after me. When I was young my friends and I were playing at the edge of the forest when we decided to climb a high wall nearby. When we got to the top we saw a meadow.
I did not want to walk round the wall, and when I saw a rope hanging nearby I decided to swing down like Tarzan. As I caught the rope it snapped underneath my weight and I fell ten metres. My landing was gentle, though, and I knew that my guardian angel had caught me. I realized that although my angel saved me I needed to start taking responsibility for my actions.

~ Angels Calm the Elements ~
You can ask your angel to calm the weather – they can make your journey smoother.
I travelled from Greece to Italy and back by ferry. On both journeys the sea was rough and most of our group felt seasick. We were about to make the same jour- ney again and were afraid. I asked my guardian angel for a quiet journey.
Before our trip I checked the weather forecast: it indicated strong winds, but from the moment we boarded the boat until we arrived in Venice the sea was calm. No one felt seasick. It was the same on our return. I thanked my guardian angel wholeheartedly for his help.

About The Author

Diana Cooper is a therapist, healer, author of several books, and the founder of the Diana Cooper Foundation. Her journey started during a time of personal crisis when she received an angel visitation that changed her life. Since then the angels and her guides have taught her about the angelic realms, unicorns, fairies, Atlantis, and Orbs as well as many other spiritual subjects. Through her workshops and therapy practice she has helped countless people find their life mission, fulfill their potential, and empower their lives. Diana’s aim and vision is to light the way to enable children, adults, and the planet to ascend graciously and happily.

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  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (May 1, 2013)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781844099146

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