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Today I F****d Up

A toe curling, laugh out loud collection of worst day disasters.
I’d always rolled my eyes when people describe things as 'happening in slow motion'. Surely everything happens in regular time and it's only when you replay it in your head that it seems to slow down?But as the car lurched forward and I found myself sailing through the back of the garage, I finally understood what they meant.
When a trip to meet his new girlfriend’s grandparents ends in disaster (think a crashed ute, an angry wasp and a cranky farmer with a shotgun), Thomas Mitchell knows one thing for sure: bad days make for great stories.
While we might not like to admit it, we can't help but find a sneaky pleasure in other people's misfortune. It's the reason fail compilations rack up millions of views on YouTube or television shows like Funniest Home Videos exist at all.
Deep down we're addicted to the downfall of our fellow humans, and if there was ever a point in history when we needed a laugh, it's now.
Today I F***D Up is a collection of tall tales but true that are equal parts hilarious and horrifying; a timely reminder that no matter how terrible things get, they could always be worse. So much worse.

After continually being told to ‘use his words’ as a child, Thomas Mitchell took that advice on board and ran with it. Since then his words have appeared all over the place, including in TheSydney Morning Herald, Time Out, The Huffington Post, The New York Times and GQ. A full-time writer, Thomas spends his days googling synonyms and trying not to overstay his welcome at the local cafe.