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The Whole Life Prostate Book

Everything That Every Man-at Every Age-Needs to Know About Maintaining Optimal Prostate Health

About The Book

MEN TODAY face a growing health crisis. More than twenty million nationwide are affected by a prostate health issue, and more than two hundred thousand are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. Many of these problems are preventable because they are related to the chronic diseases of age associated with poor health choices. Dr. H. Ballentine Carter is a preeminent expert in the diagnosis and management of prostate disease, and he believes that it’s never too late—or too early—to make important changes to improve and maintain overall prostate health. Dr. Carter provides men of all ages the one resource that details what needs to be done when in crisis, but more important, he supplies crucial advice about how to prevent a prostate crisis from ever occurring.

Whether a man is in his twenties, thirties, or sixties, he is one day closer to being told he has a prostate problem. But positive lifestyle changes that incorporate diet, exercise, and health maintenance can significantly lower those odds. Dr. Carter shows you how in this comprehensive and authoritative guide, The Whole Life Prostate Book. With wisdom gleaned from his many years in the field, Dr. Carter cuts through the overwhelming amount of information—and misinformation—on the topic, arming men with the knowledge they need to make the best decisions about prevention, testing, and treatment. In clear language, he explains how to read test results and outlines the management options available for lower urinary tract symptoms; inflammation of the prostate; and management strategies for prostate cancer, including no immediate treatment—an approach pioneered by Dr. Carter himself that’s designed to preserve quality of life.

Filled with simple and nutritious recipes, easy-to-follow workout routines, and a straightforward approach to demystifying the complex medical jargon of prostate disease, The Whole Life Prostate Book is an empowering manual for maintaining optimal health throughout a man’s life.

About The Authors

Photograph by Lillian Carter

H. Ballentine Carter, MD, is a professor of urology and oncology and the director of adult urology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. An internationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate disease, Dr. Carter directs the Proactive Surveillance Program for prostate cancer at Johns Hopkins.

Photograph by E M Michel

Gerald Secor Couzens is the author and coauthor of more than two dozen books about health, medical topics, and sports. He also writes for various publications, including The New York Times. Couzens is the co-creator and, for the past fifteen years, the managing editor of The Johns Hopkins Prostate Bulletin.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Free Press (June 5, 2012)
  • Length: 496 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781451621235

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Raves and Reviews

“Men today face myriad choices when it comes to their prostate care and prostate treatments. Dr. H. Ballentine Carter brings his enormous talents and knowledge to help them in this groundbreaking new book. This book should be read by all men, and their loved ones, whether establishing a prostate health regimen or facing a prostate crisis.”
—Mehmet Oz, MD, Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Surgery, New York Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center

“Dr. H. Ballentine Carter has been pioneering prostate treatment for his entire career. Now, he brings his ideas and knowledge to everyone—and the impact will be profound. This book changes the landscape in prostate health and improves people’s lives.”
—David B. Agus, MD, Professor of Medicine and Engineering, University of Southern California, and author of The End of Illness

“This is a comprehensive resource that will be a great help to all men and the people who love them. Dr. Carter takes men from infancy straight through their later years and clearly details what needs to be done to maintain optimal health. This is an essential guide—now more than ever.”
—Alan W. Partin, MD, PhD, Director and Professor, the Brady Urological Institute, the Johns Hopkins Hospital

“I have long been a fan of Dr. Carter’s research and witness to the personal care that he gives to all his patients. I’m grateful that he has now made available his hands-on experience to everyone in this easy-to-read, practical book that provides such good sense in an arena of medical decision making that too often is dominated by hype and fear.”
—Herbert Lepor, MD, Professor and Martin Spatz Chairman, Department of Urology, NYU School of Medicine

“The prostate, a small and enigmatic organ near the bladder in all male mammals, appears to be disproportionately afflicted by a bewildering collection of conditions as men age. This book captures the wisdom of Dr. H. Ballentine Carter, the most thoughtful urologist in the world today and a renowned expert on the detection, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of prostate diseases. Writing with Gerald Couzens, a seasoned medical author, the prostate health information delivered is not only definitive but remarkably accessible—with myth busters, red flags, and takeaways provided to guide as well as inform men confronting prostate diseases. The book is certain to become required reading for men of all ages, and for their loved ones, as they seek to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.”
—William G. Nelson, MD, PhD, Director, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Johns Hopkins Hospital

“This comprehensive resource will be for men what Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book is for women. Highly recommended.”
Library Journal (starred review)

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