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The Portable Italian Mamma

Guilt, Pasta, and When Are You Giving Me Grandchildren?

YouÆre so skinnyùwhat have you been eating?
Have you spoken to your brothers today?
Would it kill you to go to Mass with your mother?

Everyone who has every walked into an Italian motherÆs kitchen has been met with a kiss on the cheek and spoonful of her special gravyùwhether youÆre a relative, friend, friend of a relative, or paperboy. This book packs the kisses, sauces, and everything and anything else expected from Ma into a funny and poignant book.

Authors Laura Mosiello and Susan Reynolds cook up and serve plenty of recipes, jokes, facts, and stories for Italians and non-Italians alike. They deliver the same wisdom and love Mama has been talking about (with her hands) for years. This book makes the praise, hugs, and finger wagging available at all times.

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