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My Dog Is My Hero

Tributes to the Companions Who Give Us Love, Loyalty, and a New Leash on Life

The heroic friends who save us--one bark at a time.

Our dogs rescue us every day--whether they're pulling our children out of wells or standing by our side during tough times. In this moving collection, you'll meet fifty unforgettable dogs who have earned the love, respect, and admiration of their humans, including:

—Widget, a wiry little terrier who alerted her master that a poisonous snake was coiled to strike her daughter
—George, an abandoned, oversized, loopy white dog with no particular talents beyond graciously mentoring brother and sister foster dogs, including an annoying litter of six coonhounds
—Skip and Obie, two abused dogs whose former owners poured lye down their throats but who now bestow their rescuers with daily kisses and hugs

This book reminds you that every dog has his day--and that courage canine-style comes in all colors, shapes, sizes--and breeds.

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