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The Hermetic Science of Transformation

The Initiatic Path of Natural and Divine Magic

Published by Inner Traditions
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A classic initiatic primer for the serious magical aspirant, available now for the first time in English

• Details occult purification and preparations for the path of natural and divine magic

• Explains how initiation into the hermetic science transforms the novice not only mentally but also physically, altering even the very fluids of the body

• Offers a return to the original hermetic path of initiation, following the strict procedures and symbolism as defined in the spiritual practices of Pythagoras and his tradition

The main purpose of the hermetic science, as seen by Giuliano Kremmerz (1861-1930), Italian alchemist, hermeticist, philosopher, and member of the Ur Group, is to allow the adept to concentrate on the natural and divine magic that will allow him or her to develop the latent powers innate in every human being. The initiatory path this opens, one the author compares to the Royal Way of Alchemy, transforms the novice not only mentally but also physically, altering even the very fluids of his or her body. For Kremmerz, magic is the supreme science, the highest expression of what exists and what is possible.

With this book, first published in Italian in 1897 and available here for the first time in English, Kremmerz sought to redefine magical initiation as well as other key components of the occult sciences. His aim was to bring the hermetic path of initiation back into alignment with the strict procedures and symbolism that defined the spiritual practices of Pythagoras and the heirs to his tradition. He visualized the initiate as a disciple who has escaped the stagnant water in which the rest of humanity is immersed and entered a state of non-ordinary consciousness, one that allows for the successful pursuit of realization and contact with the magical will.

In this transformative initiatory guide, Kremmerz details the occult purification and preparation the path of natural and divine magic requires. The spiritual course advocated by Kremmerz is arduous--to move forward on the path of true realization, one that will allow the initiate to “climb to heaven” while still alive, the aspirant must commit to total severance from everyday life. Yet Kremmerz’s words themselves serve to trigger the beginning of transformation within us, making the very act of reading this primer the first step on the path of initiation into the hermetic science.


Part One: Introduction to the Science of the Occult

Science Is For Those Who Conquer

It In order to understand well and clearly all that has been written on the occult sciences, magic, and so on, one must understand what lies at the basis of the theory and practice of magic.

In magic the concept of the universe is the synthesis of all that exists. All that exists is a unity, a synthesis of three essential elements, matter, life and energy.

The great synthesis is completely analogical in its parts.

If you go up a mountain where no blade of grass can be found, and no birds sing, do you think you are alone? You, the stones, the air you breathe, the stars above, are all one in one universe. Broaden your own human reason to fuse it with the world’s reason and you will acquire the sense of the world’s reason. Your soul is the soul of the world.

From this notion astrology was born: the word (or logos) of the stars.

Ermes says in his Smaragdine Tablet that all that is above is like all that is below, and to know this is enough to work the miracle of one thing.

Study man and you will know the universe, study the universe and you will know man; from the universe come down to man; apply to him the laws of the universe; from man you go up to the universe and you discover the occult laws there. Man has a soul, thought, a direction, a purpose: so does the universe. The universe has motion, breath, evolution, renewal: so does man. Everything is analogical and the magical process par excellence is analogy. Even the sacred symbol which attempts are made to explain through likenesses is analogical; so too is the law of miracles of magic procedures and the study of analogy leads to the knowledge of magic or the wisdom of Solomon.

The vital stream is a single one.

The process of evolution and involution of action in universal life is a constant one.

This force or vital stream transforms itself according to the medium it nourishes and gives life to, and acquires a new form.

Papus wrote: “Everything is analogical, the law that governs the world also governs the life of an insect. To study the manner in which cells gather to form an organ is to study the way in which the kingdoms of nature gather to form the earth, an organ of our universe; it is the way of studying how men gather to form a family, an organ of mankind. To study the formation of a device through its parts means to learn about the formation of a world from planets and of a nation from planets. Finally to learn the constitution of the universe from the worlds and of mankind from the nations.”

* * *

From what I have said, the analogical concept of all that is transformation in the life of the universe becomes clear. Let us now pass on to man, who interests us particularly. For some, man is matter, for others (theologists) he is matter and spirit for the science of magicians he is the reflection of the life of the universe and therefore tri-partite in his formation. Body, astral body, and soul. The astral body can consciously go outside the body, as with adepts, or perfect initiates (magicians), or unconsciously and consequently undergoing the chance influences of the moment (wandering spirits), as in any medium.

When the body breaks into pieces or shatters, the astral body takes flight and man dies. If one man imposes his astral body on that of another, he magnetizes him.

Official science admits that in man there is a force, (hypnotic, psychic, ectenic), but does not determine or accept that this force is constantly in play under an intelligence outside the active operating subject. In the evidence the potential of this force is admitted but the mediumism is excluded; that is, the intervention of an intelligent spirit or entity outside the purely physical or natural forces of the operator is denied. Let us then begin not to despise the occult and to admit the existence of a force in man which is at apparent but is capable of increasing his potential, and let us pass from known experiments to much more complex applications which belong to the sphere of secret traditional science--secret for unknown reasons, but which perhaps those who today violently oppose the terrible word would keep if they realized what great effects this force can have when mastered by one who has the true key to it.

About The Author

Giuliano M. Kremmerz (1861-1930), also known as J. M. Kremm-Erz and born as Ciro Formisano, was an Italian alchemist, hermeticist, philosopher, and prominent member of the Ur Group, alongside Julius Evola. He was initiated into the mysteries of the Sacred Science by Pasquale De Servis, known as Izar, and published writings on natural and divine magic through the journal Il Mondo Secreto. In 1896 he founded the Schola Philosophica Hermetica Classica Italica and its associated body Fratellanza Terapeutica Magica di Miriam (Therapeutic and Magic Brotherhood of Miriam), a school and group still in operation in Italy today.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Inner Traditions (November 12, 2019)
  • Length: 240 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620559093

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Raves and Reviews

Every student of magic should be aware of Kremmerz's synthesis of self-deification with esoteric Christianity. This fine translation brings the reclusive sage at last to a wider audience. The demands of this path are formidable, beginning with the complete inner separation from modern life and its conventions. Yet Simply knowing of it can save one from many errors and delusions, both in the philosophic and the practical realm.

– Joscelyn Godwin, translator of Introduction to Magic, Volume II by Julius Evola and the UR Group

It is time that Giuliano Kremmerz--the other great master of initiatic magic in Itlay, besides Julius Evola, and founder of the Brotherhood of Myriam--is properly introduced to the anglephone world. The Hermetic Science of Transformation presents a thoughtful selection of Kemmerz’s writings, which includes his main doctrines and practical teachings.

– Hans Thomas Hakl, Austrian publisher, essayist, and author of Eranos

The Hermetic Science of Transformation is a beautifully written book. I constantly found myself reading sentences and thinking, I should share this. It’s extremely quotable, you know, if magical studies are your kind of thing. And if magical studies ARE your kind of thing, you need to get this book."

– Magical Buffet

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