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Giuliano Kremmerz

About The Author

Giuliano M. Kremmerz (1861-1930), also known as J. M. Kremm-Erz and born as Ciro Formisano, was an Italian alchemist, hermeticist, philosopher, and prominent member of the Ur Group, alongside Julius Evola. He was initiated into the mysteries of the Sacred Science by Pasquale De Servis, known as Izar, and published writings on natural and divine magic through the journal Il Mondo Secreto. In 1896 he founded the Schola Philosophica Hermetica Classica Italica and its associated body Fratellanza Terapeutica Magica di Miriam (Therapeutic and Magic Brotherhood of Miriam), a school and group still in operation in Italy today.

Books by Giuliano Kremmerz