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The Everything Parent's Guide to Raising Girls

All you need to help your daughter develop confidence, achieve self-esteem, and improve communication

Part of Everything®

Raising a girl in today's world is more complicated than ever. How do you help your daughter navigate through her world of school cliques, confusing media messages, and pressures to be a "good girl"?

Newly revised and updated, this guide gives you smart and comprehensive advice on the trials and triumphs of raising a daughter. Parenting expert Dr. Erika Shearin Karres prepares you for every stage, including:

  • Handling tantrums, bad moods, and potty training
  • Dealing with cliques, bullies, and peer pressure
  • Coping with puberty and menstruation
  • Keeping up with texting, social media, and online relationships
  • Addressing the issues of drinking, smoking, drugs, and sex
  • Enforcing rules and discipline

Dr. Karres shows you how to raise your girl with ease, skill, and confidence even in today's challenging world!

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