The Energies of Crop Circles

The Science and Power of a Mysterious Intelligence

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About The Book

A scientific investigation of the healing and energetic effects of crop circles

• Shares the results of decades of research into crop circles, including detailed scientific explanations and responses from an 800-person questionnaire study

• Explores the connections between crop circle formations, cosmic energies, and consciousness

• Features stunning, full-color aerial photographs of crop circles from Lucy Pringle’s personal collection

In 1990 while studying the energetics of a crop circle, Lucy Pringle experienced a miraculous healing of a severe shoulder injury. Inspired, she expanded her research to investigate the physical, psychological, and energetic effects of these mysterious formations on people as well as on animals. In this book, alongside her stunning full-color aerial photographs of crop circles, Pringle shares the results of her research, including anecdotes from an 800-person questionnaire study, in combination with detailed scientific explanations by aerospace engineer and fellow crop circle researcher James Lyons.

The authors discuss case histories of healing, from temporary respite from arthritis, Reynaud’s, and Parkinson’s, to the permanent cure of muscle strains and chronic pain, to emotional healing and feelings of peace and happiness. They explore the relationship of crop circle formations and consciousness, highlighting “intention” as a key factor in crop circle manifestation. Pringle describes the wide range of physiological effects--both positive and negative--caused by the frequencies in crop circles and shows how the negative symptoms may possibly be caused by heavy use of pesticides.

Drawing on the science behind the formation of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, the authors explain how the same electromagnetic waves that produce these lights in the sky also interact with the Earth’s magnetic field and ley lines to produce geometric-energetic patterns in fields--crop circles--akin to the cymatic patterns of sand on a vibrating drum surface. They reveal dowsing as a way to identify underlying sacred geometry within a field and explain how healing arises as the result of communication with the self-organizing energy field of a crop circle.

With the first recorded appearance of a crop circle formation more than 4,000 years ago, crop circles are an ancient part of Earth’s and humanity’s intertwined history that we are only beginning to understand.

Chapter 6. Technical and Mechanical Failures

Paul Vigay was one of the first people to experience and record electrical anomalies in crop circles. He found that, on numerous occasions, his mobile would not work when inside the circle but would operate perfectly when outside. He would repeat this several times with exactly the same effect. In 1990 he developed his first gismo called Mark One, initially designed to pick up weak electrical currents such as those coming from light switches and cables.

One day, at his parent’s house, he decided to test his detector against several bunches of wheat his mother had collected near a recent crop circle. Paul was amazed at the different signals he got. One set gave a very strong reading whereas the other set didn’t. On asking his mother about them he realized that it was the samples taken from inside the crop circle that were giving the strong reading and the others gave no reaction whatsoever. Whatever the “energy” of crop circles is, it clearly can remain active for some after their formation.

Scientific Analysis from Jim Lyons

Why do crop circles have such a wide range of effects on so many different types of equipment? The energy of crop circles is spiraling electric charge, like a tornado, which reveals its electric origin as filamentary structures rising vertically. This is the basis of crop circle generation.

In addition, within crop circles, there are far narrower yet similar structures emerging from the earth’s grid line structures at nodal points. If a laptop were to be located on such a spot, it would encounter a rotational electric field, which generates magnetic patterns on computer processing electronics. These can often lead to totally scrambled signals, which clearly can, at a minimum, distort information but often can so disturb results as to be useless. It is almost impossible to anticipate such effects. These magnetic patterns often result in headaches of observers in these places.

The future for the crop circle phenomenon is likely to grow as the topic of an electrical universe is growing. It is not without significance that the crop circle phenomenon has made, and continues to make, an inspiring contribution to this world-changing perspective of the Cosmos. We are at last uniting ancient and modern science with life in general, and mankind in particular is being a highly significant component of this whole remarkable process.

Chapter 7. Animal Reactions

No matter how dismissive skeptics may be about the volume of human and electrical anomalies, animal reactions and behaviour are more difficult if not impossible to ignore, and so their behaviour is critical to this research.

We know from the effects on pilots’ instruments that there is a vertical field of “energy” that extends to an unknown height above a crop circle; therefore it comes as no surprise that birds are affected.

One of our survey respondents reports, “Whilst sitting enjoying the food and the view of the stones of Avebury, a wood pigeon flew across the field from an easterly direction. Just outside the formation it seemed to almost hit a wall, making it veer suddenly, around the formation, to the north (it didn't overfly it at all) and then it continued to fly to the west after its detour.” Exactly the same effect was recorded in Canada when a skein of geese veered sharply away from flying over a formation, only to regroup directly afterwards and continue on their way. Birds have magnetite in their brains and react to magnetic fields.

Scientific Analysis from Jim Lyons

So far, our consideration of ambient energy within crop circles has focused on humans. However, as we have already observed, we must at least consider their interaction with other living species.

It is the bird scenario that is perhaps even more fascinating. For around 150 years, it has been considered that birds navigate by detecting the Earth’s magnetic field, especially magnetic North. To date, despite enormous effort, no one has found any sign of such a feature that could possibly be used for navigation.

There have been many situations in which flocks of birds flying toward ancient sites or crop circles split into two groups, each flying around the column and joining up again once past it. They have no problem detecting the spiraling energy via their pineal systems. Additionally, a pineal gland can act like an accelerometer as well as a rate gyro, the two key building blocks of an inertial navigation system. Perhaps the most revealing aspect of this new hypothesis is that the subtle energy field around the pineal gland reduces sharply to zero when its axis is pointing at magnetic North. This is the perfect navigation system.

Thus we see that the toroidal waveforms rising from underground water to create crop circle energies, when breaking through the earth’s surface form a vacuum space to draw down the crop. This leaves a spiraling columnar vortex in which we find a whole spectrum of frequencies, mostly within the frequency band compatible with the detection systems of humans, animals, and birds. It is therefore of no surprise that reactions to these signals are perfectly normal. The frequencies involved can generate both good and bad responses, dependent on the health condition of the human or indeed animal.
About The Author

Recognized as an authority on the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems, Lucy Pringle is one of the world’s leading crop circle photographers and researchers and a founding member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies. She lectures internationally and lives in Hampshire, England.

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