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The Emotional Roots of Chronic Illness

Homeopathy for Existential Stress

Foreword by Begabati Lennihan
Published by Healing Arts Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

How to change the subconscious patterns underlying chronic conditions

• Explains how to use prominent emotional and physical symptoms to determine the core existential stress underlying one’s chronic condition

• Introduces five, seminal existential questions correlating with both the five miasms of homeopathy and the Five Phases of Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Presents homeopathic remedies connected to specific existential quandaries and explains their indications through detailed examples from the author’s practice

In addition to working well for physical ailments, homeopathy offers remedies for engaging with the subconscious mind to ameliorate embedded, existential causes of chronic illness— called “miasms.”

Jerry M. Kantor presents diagnostic insight, specific homeopathic remedies, and successful case studies about the profound connections between emotions and their physical manifestations in illness. He further correlates the five classical miasms and their core existential quandaries with the Five Elements and Phase Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He likens inborn foundational emotions to tools, each one designed to solve a stress-related problem. Self-sabotaging imbalances occur when an emotional tool is excessively used. He explains how identifying a default emotional response—such as anxiety or anger—along with its accompanying physical symptoms can determine the core existential stress or hereditary pattern underlying a chronic condition. For each of the five classical miasms and their associated physical and emotional conditions, the author presents homeopathic remedies that mollify the impact of specific existential quandaries and explains their indications through detailed examples from his practice.

Revealing that the subconscious mind is amenable to change, Kantor shows how to accurately select remedies to defuse the energetic charge of unresolved existential stress and thus quell the root causes of chronic illness.

About The Author

Jerry M. Kantor, L.Ac., CCH, MMHS, is a faculty member of the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine and owner of Vital Force Health Care LLC, a Boston-area homeopathy and acupuncture practice. The first acupuncturist to receive an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Anaesthesiology, Kantor is the author of Interpreting Chronic Illness, The Toxic Relationship Cure, and Autism Reversal Toolbox. He lives in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Healing Arts Press (October 3, 2023)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644117842

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Raves and Reviews

“Eye-opening and mind-expanding for homeopaths, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and practitioners of existential psychology. For homeopaths, Kantor provides a new psychologically based typology system that relates to aspects of both TCM and existential psychology; it will no doubt expand their patient analysis capabilities. For practitioners of TCM and existential psychology, Kantor reveals the all-embracing and deeply symbolic nature of homeopathy, which is able to address not only emotional and mental problems but physical ones as well. This is truly a wide-ranging book that weaves many threads together.”

– Amy L. Lansky, Ph.D., author of Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy

“Enlightening, erudite, engaging, and expressive. I like the local links between the five senses, the five Chinese phases, and the five main miasms. The remedy portraits are picturesque, with delicately descriptive themes, sublime application of astute language, all in a context of world literature, philology, and religion. Kantor’s use of language is masterful and highly engaging. I truly enjoyed reading it.”

– Frans Vermeulen, author, lecturer, and authority on materia medica

“This remarkable synthesis of cutting-edge knowledge is rooted in ancient practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as in homeopathy’s futuristic, Western medical tradition. Five revelatory existential questions are introduced. Convincingly, each provides the subtext for health, epigenetics, and emergent chronic illness. Offering case histories, clinical pearls, Greek myth analysis, and much more, Kantor’s book is a stunning yet enjoyable read. Highly recommended.”

– Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH, author of The Homeopathic Revolution

“This book by Jerry Kantor gives good insights in the reactions between medicine and psychology. It points to the source of disease as psychological. Added to that is its relationship with philosophy, which gives his work even further depth. It is a great book.”

– Jan Scholten, M.D., author of Homeopathy and the Elements

“Jerry Kantor is a gifted and experienced homeopath who thinks deeply about homeopathy and its applications to living beings. He has written this wellthought- out, highly philosophical book that gets the reader to think about one’s existential reality and roots, to learn more about homeopathy, and see how both relate to Traditional Chinese Medicine. He makes some easy-tounderstand analogies using familiar movie and literary characters to make his points easier to understand. An incredibly intellectual and poignant read!”

– Abby Beale, RSHom (NA), certified classical homeopath

“A tour de force of the philosophical and existential themes inherent in a homeopathic understanding of illness, Kantor provides a newly emerging synthesis of the relationship between miasmatic human conditions and the life-enhancing force of nature’s own substances encased within homeopathic remedies.”

– Loretta Butehorn, Ph.D., certified classical homeopath and psychologist

“This well-researched synthesis of many classical healing systems with historical references focuses on homeopathy. The first section is an introduction to homeopathy and a very useful, in-depth description of the homeopathic healing process. The section of miasms and the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine is particularly interesting. Kantor delves into historical and medical insights that flesh out Hahnemann’s original theory of miasms.”

– Jane Tara Cicchetti, author of Dreams, Symbols, and Homeopathy

“Kantor provides an insightful overview of five core existential dilemmas that life presents, positing that our responses to these quandaries become embodied in specific symptoms and syndromes of mind and body. His breathtaking perspective on the human condition will amply reward readers, from the lay public to professionals of any medical persuasion.”

– David C. Kailin, MPH, Ph.D., author of Quality in Complementary & Alternative Medicine

“Kantor uses his exceptional mastery of wit, metaphor, and integrative healing resources to help us understand how unique emotional and physical symptoms emerge as guides to mend the manifestations of chronic illness.”

– Kenneth Silvestri, Ed.D., certified homeopath and psychotherapist

“Are you familiar with the sufferings (or inner torments) of the mythical Greek god Sisyphus, Hamlet Prince of Denmark, Bartelby the Scrivener, and Phil Connors of the movie Groundhog Day? Jerry Kantor’s analysis of their existential plights and the remedy each needs is worth the price of admission.”

– Anuradha Dayal-Gulati, Ph.D., author of Heal Your Ancestral Roots

“Insightful and thought-provoking. The first book to bring together existential philosophy, miasms, and homeopathic solutions! Gripping in content and lucid in style. We enjoyed reading the book and so will every reader!”

– Dr. Bhawisha & Dr. Shachindra Joshi, M.D. (Hom), Mumbai, India

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