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Spirit Weaver

Wisdom Teachings from the Feminine Path of Magic

Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

An invitation to embrace your feminine powers, awaken your soul’s creativity, and ignite your inner wild magic

• Explains how to awaken your spiritual Womb to find strength within and how to reclaim your softness and vulnerability as a feminine superpower

• Explores Earth Magic, the Moon Mysteries, Flower of Life teachings, Dragon wisdom, the shamanic powers of grief, the feminine archetypes of the Witch and the Priestess, and powerful goddesses from around the world

• Reveals sacred spaces in the world where the power of the Goddess lives on

The Womb is the seat of our primal power and intuition--our “wild knowing.” Spirit weavers are those who have heard this wild voice from within and have followed that call--embarking on a grail quest to follow the feminine path of magic, awaken to the depths of their soul, and embody their true feminine essence.

Inviting you onto the spiral path of the spirit weaver, Seren Bertrand shares wisdom teachings and rituals from the feminine path of magic and her own ancestral lineage of old European witches and faerie folk, spirit keepers and story weavers. She explores Flower of Life teachings, the moon mysteries, and dragon wisdom. She unveils the shamanic powers of grief and deeply examines the feminine archetypes of the witch and the priestess. Drawing on powerful feminine spiritual icons from around the world, such as Kali, Isis, Teresa of Ávila, and Mary Magdalene, she explains how to awaken your spiritual Womb to find strength within and how to reclaim your soft powers of heart-opening vulnerability. She explores the lost traditions of the Goddess lineage and reveals sacred spaces in the world where her memory lives on. She shares the Womb Mysteries of alchemical union, revealing how to awaken the wild feminine and wild masculine and become sacred lovers who balance their light and shadow.

From working with the cycles of the moon and learning how to root your power into the earth to healing the ancestral wounds left by the generations before you, Seren’s medicine teachings, like secret spells, cast an enchantment over your feminine soul, awakening its fertility and wild inner magic.



Rooted Power

Feminine Spiritual Path

There is a great feminine spiritual power in rooting that is often overlooked, ignored, or demoted in modern life and more masculine-based spiritual traditions.

It is true that life is impermanence and that the only constant is change.

Yet this continually flowing movement of life can also have roots, as well as wings.

Learning how to ground, root, commit, be still, and invest is part of the Goddess’s wisdom ways and often the missing essence that will bring us into embodiment.

Being rooted is the key to manifestation, blooming, and intimate relationships. When we are uprooted and disassociated, our spirit cannot take seed and grow.

When we tune into some of the wisest beings on our planet, such as the sacred trees, we can see this natural feminine wisdom in action, and we can begin to feel experientially the qualities of rooted consciousness and the vast power it holds.

There is a divine patience and commitment to the everyday world that can heal it from within, yet so often we take fright and fly away from our life circumstances. We forget the power of gestation, trusting that something is unfolding in the dark.

Because much of religious and spiritual thought is based on patriarchal concepts, we often find ideas flying around that take us out of our bodies and the fertile muddy soil of relationship, bringing us new spiritual dogma that goes against natural wisdom.

Often these ideas plug into our traumatized psyche, which has had to flee the body and find safety at higher ground and is afraid to come back down and trust again. Of course, it is essential we stay connected to our true infinite source and keep ourselves reminded of the spirit that is untouched by our earthly travails--yet, our spirit is desiring to come and nest fully in our physical form and in our lives.

By following the inner voice of our grounded feminine wisdom, we will be able to bloom the garden of our Earth, our families, our relationships, and our lives again.

Here are some of the spiritual ideas that often take us away from our deeper feminine knowing, our nous and common sense--bringing us up into the mind with its notions of what is “good” and “right” rather than flowing with what feels best.

Myth 1.

Needs Are Wrong, Lower, or Unspiritual

Nature’s Wisdom: Everything in nature has needs, and if these needs are not met then the blueprint of creation cannot bloom to its fullest. Seeds need water, plants need sunlight, the soil needs to be fertile and rich with mineral supplies. Plants and animals also need each other and thrive best in a collaborative web consciousness.

Common Sense: Rather than deny our needs, we can examine deeply how and why our foundational needs are not being met either through our relationships, our environment, or our work. The journey is to water the garden of our life with love in ways that grow our potential, inner wealth, and happiness. This allows us to root into the miraculous potentials of our biology--rather than live in disassociated out-of-body states.

Our needs are part of our human creative blueprint, and we can celebrate them and take practical actions to birth what we need into our lives. By allowing ourselves to admit our needs, we open the doorway to true manifestation.

Myth 2.

We Should Always Be Unconditionally Loving

Nature’s Wisdom: Accepting everything without conditions is not how nature thrives. Boundaries, limits, and conditions are an essential part of the creative process, and Earth often has natural processes to contain and prune its resources. Growth without limits often unsettles the natural balance and harmony of life. For example, cancer is a disease where cells keep multiplying without conditions or limits.

Common Sense: It is true that there is a universal love that permeates all of creation, yet in the embodied manifestation of life on Earth, conditions are actually included within this love. We may call it the laws of nature or Ma’at--the divine harmonic principles of the Mother Goddess. If we don’t live by these conditions or laws of love, we will lose harmony with the web of life and each other. In kabbalah, it is known as the balance of Guverah and Chesed--also known as judgment and mercy. Chesed is the infinite outpouring of love, and Guverah is the restricting force that keeps everything in balance--making sure we don’t give too much or spend our energy in inappropriate ways and that we are able to set healthy boundaries.

Myth 3.

There Is Nothing Broken--Everything Is Perfect

Nature’s Wisdom: Earth is paradoxically very strong yet also very fragile. Although Earth has a powerful regenerative capacity, there is a natural ecosystem of interconnection and balance that if broken has harmful and unexpected consequences. We are living in modern times where we are waking up to the realization of how our disconnection from deep earth knowing is destroying the Earth Mother who supports us and causing pain, disease, and disharmony.

Common Sense: Matter may be infinite and indestructible at its spiritual root, yet that does not make it wise to take its finite expressions for granted and to ignore the tangible harm and hurt that can be caused to living life-forms--including ourselves. Anyone seeing a child in the aftermath of abuse knows that something has been broken--trust in life and a sense of safety on Earth. There is truth in knowing we never lose our innocence or place in the thread of love, and we do not need to be fixed from a perceived flaw of sin, lack, or imperfection. Yet, we can feel broken and wounded by life through events that do not seem perfect, and by embracing this, grieving it, and allowing it to not be OK, deep healing can happen. Grief is feminine magic.

When we ground into the true reality of life--not the culture we inherited from our parents or disassociated cultural or spiritual theory and dogma but the majestic natural laws and principles of creation, our spiritual journeys are filled with creative power. Rather than being disempowered, stuck in flights of fancy that keep us circling in illusions, we begin to land into our own lives, with the power to birth new realities.

From this rooted place, we can start to birth the fruits of regeneration, redemption, and resurrection that all the ancient myths speak of. This is the heart of the feminine mysteries, the grail of our embodied consciousness, which restores the wasteland.

Your Sacred Balance

Rooted Power

- Check inside your own body to feel what your deep needs are at this time.
- Check inside your own body to feel what boundaries you need to honor.
- Check inside your own body to feel what grief is living inside your heart.

Infinite Love

- Affirm that you deserve love and belong to the weave of Mother Earth’s love.
- Affirm that there is an abundance of resources for you and other people.
- Affirm that your heart is a chalice full of the infinite presence of love

About The Author

Seren Bertrand is a visionary creatrix and spirit keeper with a degree in English literature and modern philosophy who is dedicated to restoring the lost global feminine wisdom traditions. The coauthor of Magdalene Mysteries and Womb Awakening, she lives in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina.

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Raves and Reviews

“Feminine magic is a spiritual wisdom that lives inside of us. In Spirit Weaver, Seren Bertrand brings together the threads of body, memory, lineage, identity, and nature to restore our innate capacity as the ones who weave with spirit. The time is now to reclaim our feminine magic for co-creating our lives and healing our world--what a gift Seren has bestowed in this treasury of feminine knowledge.”

– Tami Lynn Kent, author of Wild Feminine, Wild Creative, and Mothering from Your Center

“Now more than ever we need a deeper connection to the earth, spirit realm, and our sacred bodies. Seren brings us valuable wisdom at a time when more and more women are fighting disease from a disconnection to the Divine. Her womb wisdom and research are inspiring, eloquent, and soul filling.”

– Shiva Rose, author of Whole Beauty

“Drawing on ancient myths as well as the author’s own life experiences, Bertrand guides you home to the authentic everyday magic of the divine feminine that is your birthright. This magic is deeply connected to the earth and as close as our kitchen-table gatherings. Spirit Weaver offers inspiration and wisdom. It is a book you’ll be wise to keep close at hand.”

– Robin Rose Bennett, author of The Gift of Healing Herbs and Healing Magic

“A treasury of feminine wisdom that I will return to again and again.”

– Lucy H. Pearce, author of Moon Time, Burning Woman, and Creatrix

“The themes of weaving and connection that run throughout this book speak to the intense longing of so many people to bond, in a rooted way, with the energies we refer to as Goddess. This book will delight, inform, and challenge the reader and ultimately pave a new path forward in our hungry and anxious world. The illustrations by Kate Monkman are a visual invitation to the weaving dance.”

– H. Byron Ballard, witch, senior priestess at Mother Grove Goddess Temple, and author of Seasons of a

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