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Snow Place Like Home

Book #17 of Galaxy Zack
Illustrated by Jason Kraft



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About The Book

There’s snow place like home in this seventeenth Galaxy Zack adventure!

The Nelsons are ready for a galactic winter vacation on a great new planet! And Zack’s best friend, Drake, is coming too! From solar-snowboarding, hydro-freeze fishing, supreme snowball fights, and epic ice forts, the boys can’t wait to dive into the winter games. But at the resort, Zack realizes there are a bunch of hurdles he wasn’t prepared for. Will Zack find a way to beat out the winter blues before it’s time to snow home?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Galaxy Zack chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.


Snow Place Like Home Chapter 1 Frozanthia, Here We Come!
Zack Nelson and Drake Taylor were surrounded by a towering mountain of clothes. The Nelson’s were going on a family winter vacation to Frozanthia, a snowy ice planet in the Frostus Galaxy.

“I’m so glad you’re coming with us, Drake,” said Zack.

The boys had been best friends since Zack moved to Nebulon.

“Me too, I am so excited!” Drake agreed. “Frozanthia has grape outdoor adventures!”

“You’re not kidding!” said Zack. “I mean, look at this holo-brochure!”

He held up his hyperphone and a 3-D hologram of a gleaming, icy landscape filled the room.

A snow-bot with a set of hydro-jets appeared.

“Hi, Zack and Drake! Welcome to your virtual tour! There’s snow place like the Polar Palace Resort in the entire galaxy!” it said. “You will enjoy solar-snowboarding on Frost Mountain, hydro-freeze fishing on Invisible Lake, snow fort building, a winter arcade, and an out-of-this-world five-star restaurant! Safe travels, and remember to bundle up!”

“You bet!” the boys exclaimed. Then the snow-bot waved good-bye and the hologram shut off.

“The resort looks amazing! I can’t wait to go solar-snowboarding!” Zack cried as Mrs. Nelson walked in.

“Well, if you want go snowboarding for real, you’d better get busy!” she said.

“Don’t worry, Mom. We have got this all under control,” Zack told her.

His mom smiled as she closed the door. The boys stared up at the clothes pile. It almost touched the ceiling.

“Ira!” Zack called. “Help before there’s an underwear avalanche!”

“Not to worry, Master Just Zack,” said Ira, the Nelsons’ Indoor Robotic Assistant.

Mechanical arms dropped from the ceiling and started folding clothes in a blur. Within seconds, everything fit into two shrink-sacs. Ira pressed a button on each piece of luggage. The large bags shook, then shrunk down to the size of a wallet.

About The Author

Ray O’Ryan has loved space stories ever since he watched the very first episode of Star Trek. He loves to imagine what traveling across the galaxy might be like and is a bit jealous of Galaxy Zack in this regard. 

About The Illustrator

Jason Kraft grew up with a passion for drawing. He has developed that passion into a humble career that has allowed him to work in all facets of the entertainment field all over the globe—from toy design to feature animation. He has now settled in Ottawa, Ontario, with his wife, Christina.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Little Simon (October 9, 2018)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781534429055
  • Grades: K - 4
  • Ages: 5 - 9

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