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Silken Promises

Following bestselling author Lisa Bingham’s debut novel, Silken Dreams, the romantic story of a sexy US Marshal and a wild Irish rose as they prepare to board a train to danger and desire.

Fiona McFee was just a girl when she first saw Jacob Grey naked and tied up in a field of foxtails. As the daughter of an Irish conman, she refused to release the young deputy, even as he sunburned his backside and swore to never forget her.

Jacob kept his promise, tracking Fiona down in Chicago years later, only to find that the little minx in the field grew into a sensual, topaz-eyed hellion. With an offer she couldn’t refuse, Jacob proposes a full pardon for both Fiona and her father, so long as she agrees to pose as a wealthy British widow and play poker like an ace on a tourist train heading West.

While Jacob plans to catch a counterfeiter, Fiona schemes to outfit herself in beautiful clothes, win her father’s freedom, and outwit Jacob Grey, but she does not anticipate on the wild card that sends her reeling—an instant attraction to the very large, strong lawman who carries a big gun.

By the time Jacob and Fiona realize just how high the stakes of the deadly game they are playing may be, they are deeply in jeopardy… in danger of losing their hearts and their dreams in a battle for their lives.​

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