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Wild Escapade

In her most high-spirited novel yet, the author of the Sweet trilogy returns with delicious sexual tension and delightful humor as a proper Boston beauty is swept into a dangerous predicament with a lanky hero, a dangerous mission, and tempestuous love.

When a nice girl like Felicity Pedigrue is found in Mother LaRee’s house of ill repute, it is obvious it must be a mistake. But when she meets an intriguing stranger known as Logan Campbell on her way to teach in St. Joseph, Missouri, a city in the heart of the wild wicked west, it becomes apparent that Mother LaRee’s house is only the beginning of her journey.

Mysterious and dangerous, Logan is exactly like a hero from the dime novels Felicity has been secretly relishing in. Little does she know that Logan is risking his life to help slaves escape to freedom. Before he can warn her and steer her away, Felicity wanders into Logan’s rough-and-tumble life, straight into the bordello that is a stop on the Underground Railroad.

When Mother LaRee’s house is put under quarantine, their lives are thrown onto a collision course. And as danger closes in, Felicity and Logan find themselves on an adventure that will test their courage, ignite their passions, and threaten to break their madly beating hearts.​

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