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Book #9 of Countdown

It's 1999.
The Earth moved. Really.

Only the strongest teens have survived. But now Earth is crashing and crumbling down around them, advancing -- piece by piece -- toward a final, grinding halt.
It can be stopped. There is a key -- a key that can save the world from total annihilation.
If it doesn't fall into the hands of she who has been kill them all.

Daniel Parker is the author of over twenty books for children and young adults. He lives in New York City with his wife, a dog, and a psychotic cat named Bootsie. He is a Leo. When he isn't writing, he is tirelessly traveling the world on a doomed mission to achieve rock-and-roll stardom. As of this date, his musical credits include the composition of bluegrass soundtrack numbers for the film The Grave (starring a bloated Anthony Michael Hall) and a brief stint performing live rap music to baffled Filipino audiences in Hong Kong. Mr. Parker once worked in a cheese shop. He was fired.

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