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Robin Hood - The Shadows of Sherwood Forest

A dazzling retelling of the Robin Hood story.


When the poacher John Little witnesses the Nottingham Sheriff's henchmen wiping out his village, he flees with the only other survivor: his adopted daughter, little Marian.


Together they seek protection in the Sherwood Forest, but dangers lurk there too: The robber Robin Hood catches them, and he is not the dazzling hero he is thought to be ...


This is the story of the friendship between Robin Hood and Little John, and Marian.  And he epic adventure of their struggle against the oppression of the Norman nobility in medieval England.


Tilman Roehrig has been a freelance writer for over four decades. His historical novels have been his most successful, and have been translated into more than nine languages. Roehrig has received numerous awards for his work, including the Great Culture Prize of the Rhine area. He lives near Cologne, Germany.

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