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Erik the Red

Love and destruction, toil and triumph blend in a gripping historical fiction account of the life of  Erik the Red, taking him from the Iceland into the great unknown as he searches for his place in
the world.

Exiled from his homeland of Norway as a boy, Erik Thorvladsson wants nothing more than to honor his father’s legacy and to figure out where he belongs in the world. But to claim and cultivate his own homestead is no easy task.

Navigating natural disasters, violent clashes, and banishment, he seeks his fortunes in an Iceland on the brink of change.

But when a conflict over property erupts into violence, Erik is outlawed from the country for three years and sets off on his greatest challenge of all.

Assembling a group of settlers, he and his family sail west into uncertainty, hoping to finally find a green and prosperous land to call their own.


Tilman Roehrig has been a freelance writer for over four decades. His historical novels have been his most successful, and have been translated into more than nine languages. Roehrig has received numerous awards for his work, including the Great Culture Prize of the Rhine area. He lives near Cologne, Germany.