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Deep Throat Diva 2

About The Book

Retribution picks up where Deep Throat Diva left off, as Pasha prepares for the ultimate payback to the men who have hurt her, including the man she once loved—and she’ll do anything to take them all down.

Pasha Allen is back, and she’s on a mission. To uncover the names of her attackers who played a brutal role in her abduction and vicious assault over a year ago, then lure them—one by one, to their demise.

As fate would have it, there’s someone else who has also been scheming for information about the events leading up to her kidnapping. And in one night, Pasha’s life is suddenly turned upside, refueling her desire for revenge. As a result, unsuspected alliances are formed, new friendships are forged, and Pasha finds herself entangled with someone who may be as ruthless as she is fabulous.

Suddenly, as lies unfold and truths are told, Pasha’s thirst for payback takes on a dramatic new twist, causing her to weave a dangerous web of seduction—using her greatest assets: her mesmerizing beauty and sexual prowess—to get what she wants, by whatever means necessary. But before she can take down the cold-blooded man she once loved and his goons, she must first confront the one person who deceived and hurt her the most. And those around her will soon learn that betrayal can cost you everything, including your life.


Retribution One
Every bitch has a past. A present. And more than one story to tell…

“Aaaaah, shit yeah. Goddamn, baby, you know how to suck this dick…fuck, aaah, shit…uhhh, motherfuck. Damn. Mmmm…Ummmph…Yeah, get up on them balls, baby… aaaah, shit…wet them balls up…uhhh, put that dick back in ya mouth, baby…”

I grin as the head of his throbbing dick is engulfed in the warm, wetness of my mouth. My mouth becoming a quick replacement for the juicy wet pussy it craves to be deep inside of. Oh, yes…I’ll be riding down on his hard dick for the second time tonight, but right now, sucking another hot nut out of him is my only mission.

I swallow him down to the base, my nose pressed into his musky, sweat-and-pussy-scented pubic hairs, as I grab his balls and pull them up, extending my tongue and licking them.

I gulp him and let my throat muscles massage the head of his dick. He pushes his hips into my face. Fucks my throat in slow deep thrusts. Most bitches are born with only one cunt. I’m one of the fortunate to have been blessed with two: the one between my smooth, beautiful thighs, and the one in the back of my throat. Sucking dick wets my pussy and sets my insides on fire.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…Motherfuck, yo…damn…uh, fuck…sssssssssssshiiiiiit…you got the head game on lock, baby…aaaah, fuck!”

I grin to myself. Of course I do. I’m not the Deep Throat Diva for nothing.

I slowly pull off his dick, sucking all the way up, then licking up and down the sides of the shaft. I tongue his piss slit, lapping at the sticky precum as it oozes out. I look up at him, watching him watching me as I make love to his dick and balls with my mouth, lips, tongue and hands. I reach up and play with his nipples. They’re dark chocolate pebbles, hard with desire. I pinch them, giving him my specialty no-hands dick throat action, bobbing my head up and down, taking him deep into my mouth, gulping down every thick inch of him.

He moans. “Damn, baby…mmmph…you got my head spinnin’, yo…ooooh, shit, shit, shit…”

I pull his dick from out of my throat, then inch up over his body and press my lips to his, slipping my tongue into his mouth, giving him a taste of what I taste. His hard cock. His sticky precum. His tongue greets mine and we engage in a round of deep, tongue-probing kisses until I finally break away, breathlessly and greedy for more dick. I kiss the side of his neck, my wet tongue trailing along his skin, my mouth running down his chiseled body, swirling my tongue over each of his nipples before journeying down to his stomach, dipping my tongue into his navel. I tease him with my lips and tongue. Make him beg me to take his dick back into my mouth.

“Get back on that dick, baby. Wrap them sexy-ass lips around it…”

I grin, looking back up at him as I run my tongue along the shaft, right side first, then the left side. “Buckle up, baby,” I whisper. I lick around his balls. “I’m about to give you the dick sucking of your life.”

“Yeah, suck my shit…”

I swallow him again, sucking faster and harder, giving him the vacuum deluxe. His dick engulfed in my mouth, my lips wrapped tightly around the base of it with a bunch of spitting and slurping and gulping—my jaws milking him, as I rapidly bob my head up and down, my soft lips sucking up the length of his shaft, then back down with each slurp.

“Aaaah, fuck…you gonna make me bust this nut…uhhh, mmmm… you want me to bust this thick nut down in ya throat, baby? You like that good dick, don’t you? Aaaah, shiiiit, yeah…suck that shit… You want Daddy’s hot nut…?”

With a mouth full of dick, all I can do is grunt and massage his balls to edge him on. I give him one hell of a porn star performance. Pulling his dick out, then spitting all over it. I give it to him wet and sloppy, the way he loves it. I run my hands along his hard body, reach up and pinch his nipples, then glide them back down over his skin, my nails lightly grazing his flesh.

I increase the suction on his dick, wrapping my hands along the back of his muscular thighs—the way I did the first time I had him stretched out in a hotel bed, giving him my no-hands-all-neck-and-throat action, ramming his dick in and out of my throat.

I can barely hear his moans over the wet, gushy, slopping sounds coming out of the back of my throat. I slow my pace. Pull him out of my throat and suckle his cockhead, swirling my tongue over it, lapping at the ever-flowing precum seeping out. Halfway up his dick, I wrap my right hand around the base of his shaft and pump while I continue working over the top half of his dick with my mouth. Slowly bobbing and pumping into a groove that has him clutching the sheets, his toes opening and closing.

He begs me to take him deep in my throat again. He’s ready to nut. But I want to keep teasing him. Want to keep edging him. I flick my tongue over the head of his dick, run my tongue around the rim of it, swirling back up to his slit.

“Goddamn, baby…fuck! Let me get that throat…”

I tongue around the head some more, then slide it to the underside of his pulsing shaft. Ooooh, I love how thick it is. Love how his vein swells. Slowly…so very slowly, I lick down to the base, to his sac, licking under them. I kiss them, lick a circle around them, then pull each one into my mouth, gently sucking his balls.

He grips my head, grinds his balls into my mouth, his dick bouncing and throbbing against my forehead. He grabs it, attempts to stroke it. But I yank his hand back.

I knew the very first time I sucked his thick, juicy dick up on the third level of that parking garage in his tinted SUV, then swallowed his creamy nut and looked up into his hazel eyes that I had opened Pandora’s box for the both of us. I knew the first time I let him eat my pussy, the first time we were in the sixty-nine position, the first time I contemplated giving him some of this pussy, the first time he kissed me, that I was at a point of no return with him.

I climb up on top of him. Position his dick in the center of my slick pussy. Then lean in and whisper in his ear, “You ready to fuck this pussy?”

He grabs my hips, thrusts upward. Attempts to stab his dick into my wetness. “Yeah. You already know what it is.” I press my lips to his again. Our tongues meet. And our kiss ignites another burst of flames inside of me as I reach in back of me and guide the head of his dick in. I ease it in between the lips of my pussy. Fuck the tip of his dick. Raw. I roll my hips nice and slow until I am sitting all the way down on his dick. I lift my hips up halfway, slam back down, then rodeo fuck him, serving him up a dish of hot, naked pussy.

He grunts.

I moan.

He moans.

I grunt.

He cups my ass. Thrusts his hips up into me. We find a rhythm and fuck each other as if it’s our last night on this earth. Shit, if we ever get caught it just might be his. Still, we both know we’re playing a very dangerous game.

“Aaaah, fuck…ooooh, shit, baby…I love fuckin’ this pussy…”

“Yeah, daddy…fuck this slutty pussy…oooh, yes…”

“Uhhh…uhhh…shit…fuck…I’m gettin’ ready to bust…”

I quickly lift up off his cum-coated dick, my pussy juices sliding down his shaft and wrap my mouth over it, sucking the nut out of him. The head of his dick hits my tonsils as I swallow him all the way in, dick and nut down into my throat.

And it’s good to the last damn drop!

I pull his dick from out of my neck. Lick it clean. Then smack my lips together as he dozes off, lightly snoring.

About The Author

Cairo is the author of more than twenty books, including The Pleasure Zone, Slippery When Wet, The Stud Palace, Kitty-Kitty, Bang-Bang, Daddy Long StrokeThe Man Handler, The Kat Trap, and the Deep Throat Diva series. His travels to Egypt inspired his pen name.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Strebor Books (March 25, 2014)
  • Length: 320 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781593095116

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