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Poker Tournament Formula

New Strategies to Beat No-Limit Poker Tournaments

The first book to provide winning strategies for the extremely popular small buy-in no-limit tournaments, the ones played by 95% of tournament poker players!

The first edition is arguably the most influential book on beating small tournaments ever written. From social media sites, to legions of tournament players, to even the great pros—this book has been acknowledged as the catalyst that changed the way people play the games. This is the first book to provide winning strategies for the small buy-in ($100 or less) no-limit hold’em tournaments that have exploded in poker rooms all over the country—and on the Internet. The strategies for small buy-in no-limit hold’em tournaments are different than the big-money games—hand value, position, aggression, chip stacks, and speed of play—cause a radical change of strategy. Snyder recounts his own experience with these methods at a win rate of almost 300% and gives readers specific strategies for winning the big money available at the hundreds of small buy-in no-limit hold’em tournaments taking place daily around the country and on the Internet. This new edition adds even more new strategies to get players to the final table and make them champions.

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