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Poker Tournament Secrets

A fantastic tournament poker player who revolutionized the popular approach to tournament play with one of the most influential tournament poker books ever written, Snyder follows up the groundbreaking Poker Tournament Formula with more great advice, this time for players looking to win big tournaments and million dollar championships.

Snyder adapts the loose aggressive fast tournament strategies of his groundbreaking first book, Poker Tournament Formula, to the big buy-in events where the real money is made. Players learn never-before-revealed concepts and secrets that show them why cards don't matter as much as the dynamics of a tournament. Readers learn how to alter their strategy for any tournament structure and opponent, why hands must be played differently from cash games, and why players can't figure out what winners are doing just from watching them play. Snyder also covers satellites, sit'n'gos, methods for estimating tournament win rate and edge, plus:

1. Why many of the most skillful poker players fail in poker tournaments

2. Why it's often correct to play a hand "wrong" in a tournament

3. How to develop the optimal strategy for any tournament based on its blind structure

4. How to consistently build a big stack and use it to terrorize your opponents


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