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A Beginner's Guide

A no-nonsense guide to the science of what we eat and how to make nutrition work for you

Shocking obesity rates, the rise of eating disorders, killer food allergies, super foods that cure cancer: as the headlines shout every week, we have never been more engaged, or struggled so hard, with what we put in our mouths. Separating fact from fiction, award-winning health journalist and nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer combines the latest science with practical advice on what really matters to explain exactly how food influences our health and well-being. From the mechanics of digestion and the chemical composition of macro and micronutrients to methods of healthy weight loss and aiding medical conditions with various foods, all the key issues and debates are covered making this essential reading for medics and trainee nutritionists as well as anyone interested in making informed decisions about their diet.

'A really fantastic introduction into the complex world of nutrition, and not just for the uninitiated.'

– Dr Adam Carey, medical nutritionist, CEO of Corperformance Ltd, and former Head of Nutrition for the

'Should be on the shelves in school libraries and in all homes, read by parents, teachers, and pupils alike.'

– Rachell Hipkiss, Head of Nutrition, Healthspan Ltd

“Essential reading and extremely timely… sets the record straight in a compelling and authoritative 'tour de force'.”

– Glenn Gibson - Professor and Head of Food Microbial Sciences, University of Reading

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