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Civil Liberties

A Beginner's Guide

In a country famous for having the most CCTVs in the world, how safe are your rights?

Six types of execution are practiced in the industrialized world, torture is openly sanctioned by America, and infringements of people’s civil liberties occur daily. Yet in 2005 only 61% of the British voting public chose to stand up for their rights.

Explaining what civil liberties are and why they’re worth defending, Tom Head shows how you can make a difference.

Author and activist Tom Head serves as civil liberties guide for, a division of the New York Times Company.

"A thought-provoking work. Hopefully, if enough people read it and ponder its ideas, his observation that ‘civil liberties have historically been a hypocrite’s business’ will no longer ring true."

– Mike Newdow - campaigner famous for his efforts to ban the phrase “under God” in the Ame

"The book interweaves history, philosophy, and much-needed practical advice for activists. Passing on his perspective, Tom’s also given us a good read!"

– Patricia Ireland - activist and former president of NOW, the National Organization for Women

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