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Critical Thinking

A Beginner's Guide

Discover how to put your point across more effectively!

We are bombarded daily with vast amounts of information, much of it using faulty logic. From adverts to blogs, television to newspapers, knowing what to believe is a daunting task. "Critical Thinking: A Beginner's Guide" teaches you how to analyze people's arguments and explains the main 'fallacies' that are used to deceive and confuse. With a wealth of real life examples, a glossary, and plenty of diagrams, this is an invaluable tool for both students wanting to improve their grades and general readers in search of clarity.

Sharon M. Kaye is Associate Professor of Philosophy at John Carroll University, Ohio. She is the author of Medieval Philosophy: A Beginner's Guide.

"An astute and engagingly written introduction to the skills of critical thinking."

– Howard Gabennesch - Professor of Sociology, University of Southern Indiana

“Accessible, stylish and very readable.”

– Dan O' Brien - Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University

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