Nature Cat: Agents of the Great Outdoors Backyard Explorer Guide

Part of Nature Cat

When his family leaves for the day, house cat Fred doesn't sit inside watching the world go by. He becomes Nature Cat, backyard explorer extraordinaire!

Whether you live in a cottage deep in the woods or an apartment high in the sky, you can use your senses to become an Agent of the Great Outdoors.

Join your favorite nature-loving friends, Nature Cat, Hal, Squeeks, Daisy, and Ronald, as they observe and discover the amazing natural world all around them. Answer questions like, why do some animals make so much noise? What's to love about mud? And when can you see a rainbow?

This full-color, 88-page activity book is packed with puzzles, prompts, and activities to help you uncover the secrets of the natural world around you, wherever you are.

With a pull-out poster, this is the ultimate companion for any Nature Cat fan or backyard explorer!

Nature Cat airs twice daily on PBS!