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Nature Cat: The Ocean Commotion

Part of Nature Cat
Adapted by Diane Muldrow
Published by BuzzPop
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Nature Cat and his pals discover all of Earth's oceans make one giant waterway connecting all the people of the world in this storybook based on the beloved hour-long Nature Cat special, complete with a poster!

While celebrating the three-year anniversary of Hal and his favorite chew toy, Mr. Chewinsky, Nature Cat accidentally drops Mr. Chewinsky down a storm drain. The gang tracks Mr. Chewinsky through the sewer system, into a river, and out to the ocean. Oh, no! Can they rescue Mr. Chewinsky or will he become ocean litter? Thankfully, the ocean connects the pals to nature explorers from across the globe!

Join Nature Cat, Hal, Squeeks, Daisy, Ronald, Houston, and their new friend, Nature Dog, as they navigate the ocean and learn how all waterways flow together.

This full-color, hardback picture book comes with a pullout poster packed with facts and tips on keeping oceans clean!

Nature Cat airs twice daily on PBS.

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