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Modern Vegetarian Instant Pot? Cookbook

101 veggie and vegan recipes for your multi-cooker

101 tried-and-tested vegetarian and vegan recipes for your Instant Pot� that will change your life!�Expert nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche’s delicious recipes take inspiration from all around the world and provide a wealth of ideas for meat-free meals.

It can saut� vegetables in five minutes and cook a delicious, creamy risotto in 20 so is it any wonder that the Instant Pot has taken the online community by a storm! The cult phenomenon that is the multifunctional electric cooker uses a combination of steam and pressure to cook food fast, making everything from soups and stews to perfectly cooked grains and pulses, sweet things and drinks in a flash. For both dedicated life-long vegetarians and first-time vegans, it’s a miraculous time saver. Healthy, nutritionally balanced meals that fit your lifestyle are just a press of a button away!�

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