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Mean Chicks, Cliques, and Dirty Tricks

A Real Girl's Guide to Getting Through it All

About The Book

"Cyber-bullying can be worse than being picked on in school. Like when a girl tries real hard to make me feel bad about myself. Doesn't she know how much that hurts?"
—Tanya, 13

"I don't know any girls that don't hurt other girls in some ways. Why? Because life is tough for girls."
—Angela, 14

"Some girls try to intimidate and threaten you on Facebook. It's their way to get attention. I just don't want to play their game."
—Jennifer, 15

Cliques. Snobs. Facebook stalkers. Twitter twits. Gossip. MySpace brats. Name-calling and showing off. Let's face it—the girl world is tough!

Mean Chicks, Cliques, and Dirty Tricks, 2nd Edition is your ultimate survival guide to backstabbers and bullies both in school and online. Girl guru Dr. Erika talked to more than 1,000 teen girls just like you to help you understand what makes mean chicks tick. She features smart strategies and powerful tools, such as:
  • FYI: The real lowdown on the different types of mean chick behavior—what causes it and what you can do
  • Awesome quizzes: Designed to help you figure out where you stand with the mean chicks and how you can make real changes
  • Fab fixes: Hey, even a cool chick like you can feel down every now and then—these are quick pick-me-ups for any bad day
  • Cool quotes: Wit and wisdom from women who fought their battles years ago—and came out on top
  • Real Answers: Restore kindness and courtesy at your school and online
Loaded with helpful advice and true stories from girls who fought back against teasing and cyberbulling, Mean Chicks is the only book you need to feel strong, confident, and triumphant.

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An Adams Media author.

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