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Lift The Flaps: Human Body

Lift-the-Flap Book

Published by Igloo Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery with Lift the Flaps: Human Body, an interactive exploration of the incredible intricacies that make up you! Unveil the mysteries hidden within, from the captivating complexity of your brain to the sturdy framework of your bones.

Lift the flaps to discover the hidden world inside your body, from your hair to your toenails. Find out what really goes on underneath your skin. Prepare to be amazed by an assortment of mind-boggling facts that will leave you astounded.

Lift the Flaps: Human Body transcends traditional educational books by inviting you to explore your own inner universe. With its captivating visuals, astonishing facts, and interactive approach, this lift-the-flap journey promises an unforgettable adventure into the marvels of your body. Unearth the hidden wonders, gain insights into your own existence, and marvel at the intricate design that keeps you alive.

About The Author

Igloo Books publishes high-quality, affordable books for every kind of reader. From illustrated storybooks, novelty and board books, wipe-clean learning, licensed advent calendars, to coloring, sticker, and activity books, we have something for everybody between the ages of 0 to 100. We are the global leader of mass-market publishing with a world-wide reach in 77 countries across 64 languages. As of 2021 our products are climate neutral and we actively strive to remove, replace, and reduce plastic and excess in all of our products.

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