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When four friends take a trip to Greece, they’ll learn how strong their friendship truly is in this heartwarming novel from internationally bestselling author Patricia Scanlan.

When four women stay in a luxurious villa on a Greek island, they soon realize that they have embarked on more than just a foreign holiday. Amid arguments, laughter, and fun, they come to see each other in a different light.

Paula is beautiful, ambitious and successful. She works hard and plays hard. Men find their irresistible…except for the one man she really wants.

In her late thirties, Brenda is tired of being a housewife stuck at home with her children. But then the unthinkable happens.

Shy and timid, Rachel has always been dominated by her cold, intolerant father. Does she have the courage to finally become her own woman?

Jennifer is a true friend to them all. But when tragedy strikes, will Paula, Brenda, and Rachel be there for Jennifer when she needs them?

(c) Toni Tynan

Patricia Scanlan was born in Dublin, where she still lives. All of her books have been #1 international bestsellers, most recently With All My Love, A Time for Friends, and Orange Blossom Days. Patricia is the series editor and a contributing author to the Open Door series. Find out more by visiting Patricia’s Facebook page at

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