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Finding Your ElvenHeart

Working with the Inner Realm of the Sidhe

Foreword by David Spangler

A guide to untaming yourself on a quest to discover your inner Sidhe nature, your ElvenHeart, for wholeness, healing, and awakening

• Explores who the Sidhe are and shares close encounters with them in our modern world

• Invites you to discover your ElvenHeart by journeying through the four portals of the StoneAnchor, the FlowDancer, the FireDreamer, and the WindSinger

• Offers gifts in the form of simple exercises to bring you into contact with your magical kin and rewild yourself

Awaken to your closest kin, the Sidhe (pronounced “Shee”), and let them inspire you to rediscover your gentle, wild, innermost nature, your ElvenHeart. Also known as the Faery People or the Good Neighbors, the Sidhe are not just figments of human imagination. They are reaching out to us, encouraging a reunion with humanity, and inviting us to partner with them in restoring wholeness to the world. As they reveal, serving Gaia or healing the Earth from the present crisis is not a convenience--it is a necessity.

Offering an experiential guide to reconnecting with the Sidhe and our inner ElvenHeart, Søren Hauge explores who the Sidhe are, how both humanity and the Sidhe emerged from a common ancestor, and how their untamed nature and deep wisdom bears significance for an aspect of our inner being that has gone to sleep. While the Sidhe did not enter the physical dimension as deeply as we did, they are real beings, very close to us, and different from angels, devas, and nature spirits. Søren introduces his own Sidhe contact, Fjeldur, and shares close encounters others have had with these beings in our modern world. He also takes you on a journey of rewilding through four portals--the StoneAnchor, the FlowDancer, the FireDreamer, and the WindSinger--to discover the treasure of your ElvenHeart at the core of your being. In the course of this, Søren offers gifts in the form of simple exercises that help bring you into contact with your magical kin and your inner Sidhe nature.

Through this wild quest, the journey of untaming yourself, you will connect with your Sidhe partners, unfold their inner gifts in your own being, and rediscover the forgotten land of innocent wildness and gentle power within you.

Søren Hauge is a spiritual teacher, coach, and author who has written 17 books in Danish and several in English. He has a master’s degree in the history of ideas and philosophy and an extensive background, with decades of work, in theosophy, holistic psychology, and interreligious work. He is the co-creator of Energy Psychology (the Seven Types) and the SoulFlow Method. Since 2012 he has worked with dedication to unite humanity and the Sidhe. Søren lives in Lejre, Denmark.