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Fight for the Forgotten

How a Mixed Martial Artist Stopped Fighting for Himself and Started Fighting for Others

About The Book

From notable mixed martial artist and UFC fighter Justin Wren comes a personal account of faith, redemption, empowerment, and overwhelming love as one man sets out on an international mission to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Justin knows what it feels like to be wronged. Bullied as a child, he dreamed of becoming a UFC fighter and used his anger as fuel to propel his dream into reality. But the pain from his childhood didn’t dissipate. Instead, Justin fell into a spiral of depression and addiction, leading him on a path toward destruction. Kicked out of his training community and with no other place to go, Justin agreed to attend a men’s retreat, and it was there he found God.

As Justin began piecing his life back together, he joined several international mission trips that opened his eyes and his heart to a world filled with suffering deep in the jungle of the Democratic Republic of Congo. There he met the Mbuti Pygmy tribe, a group of people persecuted by neighboring tribes and forced into slavery. His encounter with the Pygmy tribe left him wondering who was there to help them and in that moment Justin stepped out of the ring and into a fight for the forgotten.

From cage fighter to freedom fighter, Justin’s story is a deeply personal memoir with a bigger message about a quest, justice, and the amazing things that can happen when we relinquish our lives to God.

About The Author

Photograph © Agung Fauzi

Justin Wren is a Christian motivational speaker, missionary, social activist, and mixed martial artist. Since 2010 Justin has shared his testimony of love and redemption in prisons, schools, churches, drug rehabilitation centers, universities, and youth groups worldwide. In 2009 Justin was a quarter-finalist on Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter during its tenth season. He debuted in the UFC that year and his professional record stands at 13-2. Justin launched Fight for the Forgotten, in conjunction with Shalom University, to raise funds for a program to liberate 1,000 persecuted Mbuti Pygmy slaves and relocate them to self-sustainable land of their own in the eastern Congo region.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Howard Books (September 15, 2015)
  • Length: 288 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781476765617

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Raves and Reviews

“Justin is the truest tough guy and in one of the most grueling sports in the world. In this book he is standing up for those who are less fortunate. It’s a great book and it will inspire all who read it.”

– Bill Glass, founder of Behind The Walls, NFL Super Bowl Champion, and author of Champions For Life

Fight For The Forgotten is an amazing true story of redemption, grace, and passion for justice. It will encourage you to trust God and allow Him to write the story of your life.”

– Dan Meyer, CEO of Joyce Meyer Ministries

“Justin Wren is a true inspiration, not only to the MMA community but to people all over the world. His story inspires me to be a better human being.”

– Adrian Ramirez, elite strength and conditioning coach of UFC fighters/Champions, trainer for Team Takedown

“Justin Wren loves God and loves people and his passion is truly inspiring. He’s committed to do everything he can to help people in any way he can. His story will move you to become more of the person God created you to be and show you how you can push back darkness in the world!”

– Jud Wilhite, author of Pursued and senior pastor of Central Christian Church

“Justin’s story is an example of what any man or woman can do when they discover and embrace who they are and what they are made for. This is not a story of a special person who has super human will, this is a story of a man set free to become himself. How can you change the world? Listen to God’s voice, and then act. Justin did and that is what makes the difference. His story points us all to the power of our own stories. Read. Listen. Act.”

– Bob Hamp, author of Think Differently-Live Differently

“A fascinating read about transformation. Justin Wren is a big man and blessed by Christ with a new heart. The Mbuti pygmies of the DR Congo have been on the receiving end of Justin’s transformation from UFC fighter to freedom fighter. God has used Justin in a remarkable way to minister His word to these forest people.”

– Malcolm S. Morris, chairman of The Millennium Water Alliance

“As you thumb throughthe pages you are able to walk the journey from the cage to the Congo withJustin. This is an amazing story of how one man fueled by faith can makea difference in this world in so many ways. Fight For the Forgotten is a book that will challenge you to see what could be possible in your own life.”

– Scott Bloyer, lead pastor of Elevation Christian Church, Aurora, CO

“What a refreshing read! God is perfectly able to alter the course of history all by himself, but he chooses to use unlikely individuals like Justin Wren to accomplish his purposes. This book will change your life!”

– Dr. James W. Jackson, founder of Project C.U.R.E.

"Fight for the Forgotten is a must read for every leader, every person who wants their life to make a real difference.”

– Ross Alan Hill, founder, president, and CEO of Bank2, author of Broken Pieces Nothing is Wasted

“Once in a great while a hero crashes onto the scene. This hero brings hope, life, freedom, and liberty to the generation. The hero of our generation is Justin Wren in the Fight for the Forgotten.”

– Richard Greenly, founder of Water4

"Read Fight for the Forgotten—be blessed, be reminded, be challenged, be changed.”

– Shane & Shane, touring artists and founders of The Worship Initiative

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