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Dragon Wisdom

43-Card Oracle Deck and Book

Illustrated by Anja Kostka
Published by Earthdancer Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A hands-on way to connect with the wisdom, love, and magic of dragons

• Each of the 43 cards features full-color dragon artwork that allows you to experience and activate dragon energies and use them on an intuitive level

• The accompanying guidebook details the message of each dragon card and offers meditative journeys and practical information on how to let dragon energy into your life, including how to meet your personal dragon

Since the beginning of time, dragons have been the world’s wisdom keepers. In times of transition, when power and wisdom are necessary to transform and renew, they are here to assist us, offering spiritual knowledge and genuine love to guide us. They stand by humanity as soul companions, advisers, and friends, giving us freedom, strength, and courage for everyday life.

In this full-color oracle set, Christine Arana Fader offers a hands-on way to deeply connect with the spiritual wisdom of dragons. Each of the 43 cards features beautiful artwork to allow you to experience and activate dragon energies and use them on an intuitive level. The accompanying guidebook details the message of each card and offers meditative journeys into the world of dragons and practical information on how to let dragon energy into your life, including how to meet your personal dragon. The book also explains how, in addition to individual messages, the cards hold an even more valuable treasure: a guide to spiritual perfection, making this not only a deck for divination and guidance but also an effective tool for spiritual development.

Offering a path into the mystical and magical world of dragons, this deck allows each of us to awaken our own inner magic and be enchanted by the truthfulness of open-hearted dragon wisdom and love.



Dragons are companions, spirit guides, and wise teachers. Their love and loyalty touch me deep within my heart. Dragons endow us with strength and impart a hint of magic. Connect with dragons and the spark of their invincibility will come to you.

The dragons and the dragon riders (those who have accepted this amazing energy) are returning. Some may think them the stuff of legends and so they are, but who is to say that such stories are not true? Humans have often been wrong, believing in the truth of things only to find out that the reality is quite different. We consider ourselves so superior and so knowledgeable, but believe me, we know very little. It is up to us if legends come true! It is up to you to become the hero or heroine of your own legend, your own story, your own life. Old values are returning with the dragons; ideals such as courage, loyalty, true friendship, a sense of companionship, and the knowledge that you are not alone are coming back. Heed the call of the dragons and accept their wisdom in your heart. I hope this deck brings you a magical and liberating ride.

How to use the cards

This deck of 43 cards contains exercises that will lead you to yourself, to your own being. However, if you simply flip the cards and skim through the texts, you will receive no great “gifts.” The divine source will be generous with its offerings when you are ready--ready for insight, knowledge, and wisdom. I ask you now to take your time--indeed, to make time--to find your wisdom within yourself, to let it mature, and ultimately to allow it to grow beyond you.

Pick up your deck of cards with your right hand, holding your left hand open, palm up. Say loudly, clearly, and with an open heart: “I am ready.” Say this twice more. Shuffle the cards, watching them intently. As you shuffle, decide if you are going to choose a card from the deck or allow the spiritual world to show you a number between 1 and 43. If you have decided to pick a card, finish shuffling and lay the cards out in front of you, face down. Place your right hand on your heart and choose a card with your left hand. If a number has made itself known to you, count out the cards in your hand, starting from the top of the deck, until you reach your number. Hold the card, without looking at it, and again say three times: “I am ready.” Listen to your heart, take your time. Look first at the picture and then read the accompanying text. Now look at both the picture and text again; work with the card in question and follow the path of the dragon with an open heart.

Sample Card Meaning


The silver moon dragon brings you the energy of the moon. The moon has always cast its spell over humans with its mystery and beauty. At night, the soft light of the moon caresses our skin, imparting an irresistible sheen. Most of the great goddesses are directly linked with the energy of the moon, and many represent wisdom. The moon dragon represents the feminine aspect, biding its time and trusting in divine guidance. This beautiful dragon would like to teach you that wisdom and trust go hand in hand. In particular, the silver moon dragon will teach you respect for all existence. It will remind you that nothing exists without the right to do so. Understanding this means converting knowledge into wisdom. Each day some of our actions are based on particular knowledge: we buy food, for example, because we know that we will be hungry at some point; we pay our bills because we know that there will be unpleasant consequences if we do not. However, sometimes we also act in wisdom without knowing what we have to do, doing so because we trust implicitly that it is the right thing.

The time has come for you to open up to your wisdom. Trust me when I say that all wisdom lies within you. You think you know who you are, but you can discover this truth only when you open yourself to your divine wisdom.

Meditation: Prepare the room well, purify it, and light golden candles. Be careful to choose a day just before full moon, and give some thought to choosing suitable music for this ritual. Call the silver dragon to you. Imagine this sublime being entering your room. Let go of all limitations. Forget, for example, the walls of your home, which are an illusion. Only the dragon is real. Spread your arms wide and open your hands. With its next breath, the dragon places a golden ball of light in the palm of each of your hands. Now cross your hands, placing them on your breast, and allow this light to flow into your heart. Let a great golden ball of light grow in your heart, and from this glowing ball, let a golden thread of light shine out through your back. Send this light out to all the beings that you were in the past. Connect, heart to heart, with all your previous incarnations, and see how many there are. Sense the power. Seek out the incarnations that are full of wisdom. They may be a long way back in the past, so take your time. In your mind’s eye, search through this ancestral line, bringing your ancient wisdom into the here and now in the form of glimmering golden light. Take this great energy deep into your heart. Now bring your attention back to your incarnation in the present moment. Take a deep breath, in and out, and open your eyes.

About The Author

In 2000, Christine Arana Fader was introduced to the dragon’s energy by the spirit world. Over a period of ten years the beings of light and dragons instructed Christine, leading her to give meditative dragon trance journeys and dragon workshops.

About The Illustrator

Product Details

  • Publisher: Earthdancer Books (October 6, 2020)
  • Length: 112 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644111086

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Raves and Reviews

"Dragon Wisdom: 43-Card Oracle Deck and Book is a boxed set featuring exceptionally beautiful and detailed full-color dragon artwork on its cards and mystical guidelines for connecting the timeless wisdom of legends to one's everyday life. A captivating treasure for dragon fans offering a path to spiritual inspiration, Dragon Wisdom is a treasure that also makes an excellent gift. Highly recommended."

– Midwest Book Review

“Fantasy fans will be especially drawn to this deck with the detailed and colorful illustrations.”

– Amber Barnes, Facing North

“I didn’t get far when out drops the ‘Death’ card. ‘Right to work we go I see.’ ‘Ok!’ I’m not surprised the message was exactly right on point. After taking a moment to truly embrace the message I proceeded to go through the deck, delighted by the imagery and supportive written material.”--

– Cartomancer Magazine

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